Nancy Campbell – The Womb Holds Your Emotions and a Duggar Update

Nancy Campbell – The Womb Holds Your Emotions and a Duggar Update November 19, 2019
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So this is familiar ground and Nancy Campbell of Above Rubies is recycling her material again. But I could not let this attempt to stuff a uterus with feelings go unchallenged. Too many I know personally are missing their wombs yet are able to exhibit kindness, love, mercy, happiness and every other pleasant emotion. Try again, Nancy.

Nancy is flunking her word definitions today. I looked up chayil and it’s usage is always masculine, and having to with armies and battles. It has nothing to do with womanhood or the kind of strength that Nancy thinks is required to be a Proverbs 31 woman. I found this in the Strong’s Concordance for the KJV. So which is it Nancy? Soft or hard?

Looking up the words in Hebrew for womb and I found exactly where Nancy pulls that claptrap out of her own womb or parts nearby, another very ridiculous Quiverfull website promoting the idea of the womb holding emotions. Just not to the extent that Nancy promotes. This is all so very circle jerk of them to keep reinforcing the same ideas without any real historical links, or links to legitimate translators and translations.

It’s pretty easy to make the Bible say what you want it to say. It’s a game that the manipulative seeking to garner their own benefit from  the faithful will do. Is not manipulation listed as being near witchcraft?

In reality, that place most of us live, the only organ to contain emotions is, you guessed it, the brain.

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Apologies for no posts yesterday. Been a rough few days for my asthma not helped by all the Duggar speculation. Tanked very low blood pressure made it hard to do a thing right. Slept in too late yesterday, left my bed only to go order a real desk for my computer.

As far as the Duggars it could still shake out either way, to be completely untrue, or to be true. I cannot tell, but I think it behooves us to just watch what happens. Does anyone remember the rumors swirling in the post Josh scandal of a CPS visit triggered by one of the law enforcement officers providing private security for the Duggars? They denied and lied about that one. Months later we saw paperwork come out that proved it to have happened.

Much of the tabloid press has scurried forward to debunk the rumor. One of the less classy outfits lifted entire paragraphs from No Longer Quivering and pretended they wrote them. One of the Arkansas news stations confirmed they’d been passed the information days in advance, but figured it was another idle speculation by a Duggar non-fan. Apparently they get oodles of those.

Here’s some more things that never made it into my last Duggar update. People cruising by took photos of the large number of vehicles in the Duggar yard, and noted that the gate was left open all day long. Locals spotted law enforcement gearing up for something this past weekend. One Duggar daughter that has since posted about an out of town trip was spotted leaving the family spread early on Sunday. Now it seems everyone is determined to pretend all is well, even Duggars that rarely touch social media were merrily posting away yesterday.

Duggar rumors are more of a curse than a blessing. So much more extra work, and comment problems that I rarely share them unless I have an intuition that they might be true, or an insider contacts me.

And a special message for one Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife this morning. Sadly my words are unprintable here in response to this so I’m just going to say “Bless you!” in my most hostile tone of voice:

So now I’m an ‘evil Leftist’ for following a possible story?


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