Debi Pearl and Sex Trafficking?

Debi Pearl and Sex Trafficking? January 15, 2020

A drag performer as Ella Fitzgerald takes the stage in Florida

I’ve been trolling through this months No Greater Joy magazine, noticing the lack of Michael Pearl writings, and the furious filling up of the pages with Debi’s thinly disguised ads for her new book  “Create a Better Brain Through Neuroplasticity” by making her usual pile of ridiculous claims. I can see on the Amazon charts that this book has been something of a failure, but she’s been pimping this book out over six months now.

This month almost all of Debi’s pieces involve one thing –  young unmarried ladies puzzling over what they should do in their single years. Debi reverses herself, saying instead staying home helping mama run the home and family that girls should be out there working or participating in different ministers. Then we take a hard left turn into sex trafficking.

Here is another idea that has been brewing in my mind and soul. I have been researching what officials are saying about child sex trafficking. I have been stunned to read that there are hundreds of thousands of children here in the USA being sold for sexual purposes. Did you know that up to half the children that are trafficked have been part of state-run child protection agencies? The very people hired to watch out for children are part of the sex trafficking industry.

Wait, that’s not exactly true about kids coming from foster care making up half the children trafficked. Debi is taking incomplete data and extrapolating yet again. According to the National Foster Youth Institute up to 60% of trafficking victims have history in child welfare system, not just foster care, or protection agencies. Kids from troubled homes, homes on food stamps and other forms of social help, kids who have been identified as coming from a household subsiding a poverty levels, kids from special enrichment programs, and yes, kids from families with CPS involvement. It isn’t the tiny narrow definition that Debi is purporting here.

This is a concerning and only recently acknowledged problem, but the roots go much further back than Debi likely assumes. Just the small amount of research I have done on the Independent Fundamentalist Baptist troubled teen homes have turned up many allegations that one of the primary purposes of many of those homes was likely to traffic the girls into the sex trade

If you witnessed the last few days of Dr. Phil shows on Hephzibah Homes and those incarcerated there its not too far a leap to see how easy sex trafficking kids from those places would be. And that 60% figure I quoted earlier? That also includes children at these church-sponsored troubled teen homes too. They seem almost set up to traffic girls.

What can you as a young single woman do to stop this atrocity? You could make videos of someone reading the Yell and Tell books and share them on social media. You could do research on how creeps find children and share the information. You could go to schools and libraries and offer to read to the kids. Start a Facebook group where you challenge other young women to do the same. Develop a wholesome book list and share it. You know the transvestites are dressing up like the nasty perverts they are and going into libraries to read to children. It is TIME we take our little ones back.

So now we have  a sick ad for Debi’s dumb “Yell and Tell” book combined with the mindless suggestions of doing a video reading it followed by a passel of homophobia and trans-hatred.

But here’s the thing. It is almost unheard of in the available statistics that transgendered people sexually assault others. They are many times sexually abused as both children and adults, but generally are not offenders. In  the years now we’ve had drag queen story hour in many libraries across the country there has only been one case of a known sex offender being the reading drag queen. One out of thousands.

Yet there are thousands upon thousands of “Good Christians” who work with kids and later it comes out they sexually molested huge piles of children.  Drag queens are statistically safer than youth pastors.

This is just such a weird little rabbit trail for Debi Pearl to take, especially in light of the foster kids and adopted kids who have died at the hands of those who follow the teachings of Michael and Debi Pearl in their monstrously awful tome “To Train Up a Child”

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