COVID 19 Open Thread – Typhoid “Lori Alexander” is Going to Kill Us All

COVID 19 Open Thread – Typhoid “Lori Alexander” is Going to Kill Us All March 23, 2020

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So I know we’re trying desperately not to talk about Lori Alexander, but we must in light of the utter codswallop she’s been spewing about the Coronavirus and how to survive it. Her blog, The Transformed Wife,  has literally been a mishmosh of her rejoicing that the virus is sending mothers out of the work force. Does she not realize it’s taking men also out of the work force, and thrown a lot of people into an economic crisis?

So I know this headline is hyperbole, but Lori is unsafe at any speed.

Personally I would never take the advice of someone that thinks that hand sanitizers are toxic chemicals (literally rubbing alcohol and aloe), that admittedly does not wash her hands, bathes once a week and rubs her skin with beef fat. Sounds like a prime candidate for contracting COVID 19 just through distasteful lack of hygiene, even if she seems like an agoraphobic.

She’s downright giddy and gleeful over the fact that women are literally being forced to stay home with their children. So much so that she did a giggling smiling video to that effect yesterday.

Lori Alexander lives in California, the same place that is under a ‘shelter in place’  Governor Gavin Newsome has rather sharply criticized Californians that are openly ignoring the shelter in place order and flooded into the parks and beaches. Lori, of course, was one of those scofflaws this weekend, and is completely unrepentant of it. Didn’t the Bible urge you to show respect to those in government authority over you?

She does not “get” it, understand the importance of social distancing, or sheltering in place. But she might get Coronavirus and be spreading it willynilly by her refusal to do what the government in her area is asking.

The only way to stop horrible people like Lori is going to be if the U.S. takes the same actions that we took well before California did in Costa Rica. Close all beaches, parks and public swimming pools, and station armed law enforcement to write tickets and chase people off.

Look, I get it. People want to exercise, and get out during this pandemic. I do too. I went out on Wednesday right before the beaches here were closed for my own a couple times a week beach walk. I chose a beach that is usually deserted save for one or two surfers, Playa Grande. But when I got there it was as crowded as the pictures I am seeing of the California beaches in her area. I left, going on down to Playa Las Ventanas which was fully deserted to walk. Since the beach closures I’ve not gone back. Why? Because I have no desire to either catch this thing, or more importantly spread it to someone else. I can happily walk around my yard, or neighborhood if I start feeling stir crazy. There are ways to cope without risking others or yourself.

Please don’t be like Lori. Love others enough not to be spreading this virus. Stay away from her unwashed self.

The other disturbing trend I am seeing is people starting to erupt into racism against the Chinese. I understand the temptation to blame others, but for now here let’s not do that. There will be plenty of time afterward to examine where the fault lies. Cultural differences are not evil. I am seeing this in so many boards, social media discussions and other places. Racism is always based upon fears and it’s just not what we should be engaging in.

May you have peace in this time.

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