COVID 19 Open Thread – Doug Wilson Blithering About Nothing?

COVID 19 Open Thread – Doug Wilson Blithering About Nothing? March 24, 2020

I don’t know about you, but I have taken to keeping the sound off on my television when President Trump starts these daily press briefings. It’s just kinder to my nerves and my blood pressure not to have to sit through misstatements, manglings, half truths and lies. Everyone else, including Vice President Pence, I can listen to without a rising sense of panic and annoyance.

Where was Dr. Fauci yesterday? Is he being punished by explaining that Trump is a loose cannon firing out nonsense?

Speaking of annoyance I took a look at Doug Wilson’s site Blog and Mablog and he has a pile of blithering nonsense about how the White House should not react to the COVID 19 pandemic. It gives anything coming out of our president’s mouth a run for it’s money in the nonsensical sweepstakes.

Can you make any sense of this? I think it might be, uh, erm, a backhanded piece of racism, or is it government fear mongering, or a slap at the media or a conspiracy theory?

“At least one of the social media big boys has begun squashing reports that are somewhat optimistic. Or forget optimistic — maybe just ones cautious about what and how much we actually can know. I went to link one of the articles I had seen earlier, and lo. Lookee what ain’t there now. The point is not that someone wants to debate the point. The point is that in our world of totalitolerance, debate is always subversive, and will not be allowed. They are not just going to lock down a Californian cocktail waitress, thereby ruining her life; they are also going to lock down dissenters, about which more in a hot minute. The smelly little orthodoxies that the Chicoms were defending when they covered up the origins of the Wuhan virus are different from our smelly little orthodoxies about how best to end the Wuhan virus in this one respect — they smell different. The way rancid beef and addled eggs smell different.”

Seems like the unhelpful Alps of word salading mountaineering from here.

What does it mean?

Doug goes on to forcefully state that scientists aren’t scientific because they believe in climate change, so their modeling  of this much be ignored. He wants Trump to set up two other sets of ‘experts’ to counter balance and provide a differing view than the experts like Dr. Fauci and others already in place. Doug suggests inaction and more study in a time of spreading pandemic.

I am getting to the point where when I see what’s coming out of the mouths of some of these Evangelical cultural enforcers I’m kind of hoping they get the virus just so they’ll realize how wrong they are about everything they are saying. Whoever thought that the day would come when Larry Solomon of Biblical Gender Roles would be the one saying the least offensive things about the virus?

Starting to see suggestions by Republicans and others in the conservative sphere saying that business should continue full speed and so what if old people and the chronically ill die. Have we come to a place of inhumanity that will rival what happened in Europe during WWII? To even consider that is vile and monstrous.


Okay, so how you are doing?  I want to know how people are coping with the fear when they have to go out and interact with others during this time.

Cindy Kunsman pointed out yesterday that in some areas the hospitals are requesting donations of gently used Croc shoes. They are easy to sterilize when that stool sample inevitable gets dropped on a healthcare workers foot.

Also the call has gone out many places for masks, homemade masks that can be layered with others, or washed. If you can sew and feel led to do so this might be a good use of your time. Here’s one of the many places you can send them to for the New Jersey area.

Here are directions for ones that the National Institute of Health are recommending can be made from jersey tee shirt materials.

As a long time medical mask user for my illnesses I never dreamed there might come a day when simple cloth masks would be so needed. I’ve been wrongly telling folks during this not to bother with sewing these because the virus can go right through the single ply. But we’re in that strange place now where it’s come down to no masks at all. Please consider helping out if you can.

Screen caps from Cindy Kunsman’s Facebook page. Thanks Cindy for coming up with practical ways we can help.

Edited to add this about Joanns Fabrics and the masks:


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