Create a Better Brain Through Neuroplasticity – Concussions and Corona Virus Open Thread

Create a Better Brain Through Neuroplasticity – Concussions and Corona Virus Open Thread March 22, 2020

Weird talk from Hooterville. Debi and Shoshanna share how to stay healthy from Coronavirus. I’ll spare you actually having to watch the damned thing, it’s garlic. Lots and lots of garlic. Makes as much sense as this stupid book.

They at least gave a disclaimer about how they aren’t doctors, just medical researchers. Debi says that letting your kids play outside with other kids is the way to go. Debi also says you get 5 days of dry cough before the virus really kicks in. And breathe through a ‘wet warshragg’. Largely useless information.

Garlic can work as a low level antibiotic, I take it for sinus infections (thanks Cindy Kunsman!), but in capsule and in much MUCH higher doses that Herbalist Shoshanna is recommending here. I do 8 to 10 thousand milligrams every four hours.

They are also recommending the standard supplements everyone is promoting, vitamin D, vitamin C, Zinc, etc.

Feel free to talk about the Coronavirus in the comments.

Now onto this hot mess of a ridiculous book. Last week about Stinking Thinking is here. We are on to the chapter on concussions. I don’t know how many of you saw the movie “Concussion” or read the series of articles that the movie is based upon, but it’s an eyeopening look at how horribly the NFL hid the long term consequences of repeated concussions in their players. Many of the players have developed some form of CTE Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, and it has wrecked many of their lives.

Look, I’m not going to do like Debi and break down what a concussion is, how it happens, or the symptoms here. We’re all adults, and with the NFL and CTE in the news so often I think it’s pretty safe to assume we all know what this is. Debi spends six pages yammering on.

“The best thing to do for concussions is to avoid activities that are likely to cause them.”

This is all followed by one of her beta editors for the book talking about her own concussions, car wreck, car wreck, boinked on the head by a walnut.

Seriously? A walnut? Was it being shot out of a cannon or grenade launcher?

“If I could go back and do life over, I would study some kind of brain something.”

I am sorry, but it seriously sounds like there’s more at play here than car wrecks and walnuts.

She goes on to claim that post menopausal women are always more emotional after a pile of TBI Traumatic Brain Injuries. She repeats the brain stem lie that Debi pushes about Dr. Paul Bach-Y-Rita’s father as giving her hope that she could recover from that walnut boink.

Doctor and qEEG later shows that parts of her brain are malfunctioning. Reams of pages about her feelings and mood swings and we’re out of this. For once Debi has no suggestions of what to do with your kids. Nothing. De nada. Zippity do dah!

Next week we look at “Mindfulness”? What? Didn’t Debi half-assed cover that already in a few chapters. I think Debi is as bored with this book as I am.

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