Create A Better Brain Through Neuroplasticity – Autism Shaming and Blaming

Create A Better Brain Through Neuroplasticity – Autism Shaming and Blaming February 1, 2020

Puzzle Krypt-2
Debi keeps talking of an all white puzzle being Autism. Now I know Autism advocates love to use puzzle pieces to represent Autism, but it is controversial with many parents and kids. Image from Wikicommons
Last week we took a look at the very long chapter of Debi Pearl’s book “Create A Better Brain Through Neuroplasticity” and the long chapter on gut health. Warning, this isn’t going to be any better as we move onto whatever Debi thinks causes Autism, like vaccines and not parenting the right way. Oh boy, blaming ahoy! Last chapter here.

Please bear with me. I don’t have the largest amount of knowledge on Autism, but I do know that vaccination does not cause it, no matter what Debi claims. Like so many conditions I have a feeling once science decodes it the answer will be a laundry list of factors, none of which are bad parenting or eating the wrong thing, or vaccines.

Debi starts with the claim that Autism diagnosis jumped in just a few years in the early 2000s, but immediately discounts the fact that as more people become educated to the symptoms, and word spreads more people are diagnosed that might have been misdiagnosed with something else.  She calls it a Biblical ‘plague’ at one point. She mentions puzzles.  Like other long term conditions it is a puzzle.

She starts to blame poor gut health and the wrong diet before taking a hard left turn into her long story of having one of her kids vaccinated, fighting all night over the baby with the spirit of death, even waking Mikey up to pray over the kid only to find out later that her neighbor who also vaccinated her child has woken up to a dead baby. THAT story yet again.

Yes, Debi blames  childhood vaccinations for Autism!  She goes on to say that the vaccinations were way safer when her kids were little, but they are now filled with bad stuff. Safer like the Angel of Death showed up at her house to croak her kid safer? She cites a very old study as proof before launching into a transcript of a speech by Robert Kennedy Jr. on the YouTubes.

Robert goes on to claim  quite falsely that you had a very low chance of having a chronic health condition before 1989, but that childhood illnesses skyrocketed right then. I laughed because he proceeded to name a pile of conditions I have, have had since birth in 1960, back when it was just three vaccinations. Clearly Kennedy is just reaching for blame. He cites no studies, no research, it’s all just whining and fear mongering over vaccines.

This is all followed by Debi completely reversing herself, saying that the Amish and Mennonites eat organic and don’t vaccinate yet they still turn out kids with Autism. At a much lower rate than all these sinful Twinkie-guzzling, shot taking heathens.

“Interestingly enough, over 70% of people with autism also have gastrointestinal problems and issues related to their gut.”

And immediately after stating the above Debi takes this into the weirdest possible place, blaming it on cell phone usage by men warping their sperm with radiation. First, it’s not a nuclear reactor, you’re not housing Chernobyl near your junk! It’s a very different type of electromagnetic field we’re talking about here. Radio Frequency Radiation has not been  conclusively linked to Autism in any way.

Before you know it we are back to Debi claiming that Autism destroys mirror neurons, which means your child will not mimic your facial expressions. Debi tells a tale about her son, half-in, half-out of her vagina smiling at his smiling daddy. She completely ignores the piles of research that say smile mimicking takes time to develop. Smiles before 2 months of age are reflex smiles, with more in common with a leg jerk or startle response than mimicking anything.

Then we’re back to cell phone blaming, with Debi ordering you to keep your cell phone off your junk, and away from your kids as well as turning off the wifi when kids are around.  Oh brother! And we’re out.

That chapter was a confused mess of blaming without any clear answers or legitimate studies. The next chapter is also about Autism, some story of someone she claims cured their son’s Autism. I swear, if she recommends MMS I am going to lose it and go postal.

Not even sure after reading and rereading this mess exactly which brand of boogieman under the bed Debi blames for Autism.

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