Create a Better Brain Through Neuroplasticity – Chapter 5 – Play, Play, Play or Spawn Charlie Manson!

Create a Better Brain Through Neuroplasticity – Chapter 5 – Play, Play, Play or Spawn Charlie Manson! December 7, 2019

Did this man just not get enough good play time as a kid? Screencap from interview on YouTube.

And just like that another week has flown and we’re back in Debi Pearl’s bad brains opus “Create a Better Brain Through Neuroplasticity” and onto a chapter on play. Letting kids play. Last week is here.

Debi starts off repeating a pile almost lies and wishful thinking that is this book so far. Like saying our brains all mold-able plastic til the day we die, her caterwauling about ‘Brain Grooving’ (repetitiveness that creates habits and saying that babies like Janessa Rodrigues has nothing to fear because time will wipe their brain damage out to replace it with healthy brain function.

Debi brings on a supposed physical therapist who bashes American academics for not enough physical play time, throws shade at the government, and parents that dare to schedule music lessons and sports.

This all reads like Debi has no idea that many schools have now incorporated physical activity, movement and play throughout the day. Schools now recognize that some kids learn better while fidgeting or doing hands on activities instead of sitting quietly reading or listening.

Wait a minute! Debi just spent the better part of two chapters singing the praises of a child learning a musical instrument, and decides to throw out what she’s said? Plus this therapist is talking about the importance of physical activity yet bashing sports? It’s too early in the day with this level of hypocrisy and mental Twister.

Twister? I really want a Twister inflatable bounce house! Now that would give you a crazy physical workout.

Debi’s “Expert” goes on to bash any sort of screens activity, claiming to treat teens with bad posture from video games that she only sees in the extreme elderly otherwise. I am guessing she’s never seen ‘Dance Dance Revolution’ or any of the other highly physical video games. It’s not all sitting around like a bumper stunned deer staring at screens.

The faux-expert cites Romanian orphanages and monkeys to state that one must primarily play, and if you don’t play you end up with ‘violent teens’. This is followed by bashing any toys you might buy for your child. We get it, no toys, just sticks, stones and pine cones. Yes, she mentions all three as toys.

She goes illustrate her point with taking her young children to go play in a waterfall that is part of the spring they get their drinking water from! Please, do not play in your water source with possibly diaper wearing toddlers!

For a few added bad ideas the expert follows by saying you should only put your baby to sleep in his stomach because that’s how brains are developed. She dismissed the concerns of the AMA for back sleeping only as fear mongering.

We waste another few pages on the idea that you can only develop your brain if you’re running around playing barefoot, that shoes inhibit a child’s ability to ‘Brain Groove’ and grow that brain. Nary a mention of nails, stepping on glass and other nasty things that can bring massive infections or tetanus. Promoting possible tetanus producing behavior while hating on vaccines should be criminal!

Oh brother this entire chapter was do what Debi does as spoken by another fruitlooped idiotic individual who likely has a degree from some sort of non-legitimate source. This chapter was particularly stupid, but short.

Next week takes a look at the brains of young children.

I can feel myself losing brain cells reading this uneducated drivel. This book is actually worst than Doug Wilson’s romance novel and potato salad tossing tome “The Man in the Dark”

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