The Rodrigues Family, Missioncations, and Flouting Homeschooling Laws

The Rodrigues Family, Missioncations, and Flouting Homeschooling Laws January 31, 2020

It’s been a while since we’ve looked at the Jill and David Rodrigues family. The last time we looked at  them it was when eldest daughter Nurie became engaged to Duggar in law Nathan Keller. Nate is Anna Duggar’s brother.  At that time the Rodrigues family was having a bushel of troubles with CPS doing another investigation on the possibility that they weren’t feeding the kids. Food insecurity.

ETA – I assumed this was Tim after seeing chatter online and did not verify. Turns out this was posted by Nurie’s fiance Nathan Keller. I done goofed! Two recent happenings bear discussion. Nathan did not add the “EW” that was added by none other than an ungrateful spoiled Jill Rodrigues. First, Timothy Rodrigues is away on a mission trip to Africa and he posted this photo.

What the? The very sheltered young man had the nerve to complain about the food he was being served on his mission trip? He posted this on his family’s Facebook page, a page with the names and tags of “Rodrigues Family Serving Jesus,” Voices For Christ,” and “Jesus Saves”. Did I miss the part of the Bible where Jesus was all gripe-y and complaining about the food he was served as a guest somewhere?

The meal looks perfectly fine from here. Be grateful they are feeding you at all and that it is not worms and grubs. This just kind of breaks my heart because on the mission trips I’ve been on in that area the women cooking are pleased to be feeding you, wanting you to eat up and like the food. Add in the food insecurity in many parts of Africa and this ungrateful little wretch is sneering over their best. Not very Jesus-like.

Don’t even get me started on the “White Savior” complex exhibited on these trips and the number of fun vacation-y things built into the trip. What has really been accomplished on these trips. It’s one thing if you are staying somewhere long term and working on a project that will genuinely help the local population, like digging clean water wells, or establishing feeding centers, or building bridges. But showing up to run a vacation Bible school, or the like is pure White Savior complex in action. It’s insulting and belittling to those people you claim to serve and love.

The other issue that bears discussion is the recent move of the entire family from West Virginia to Ohio. This one was puzzling at first. They left a nice home, even if it was a little small for their large brood, for what looks like a tiny barn  with few built in rooms.  Lately they’ve been sharing photos of the improvements they’ve made, tiny bathrooms that don’t look like they meet any sort of building codes , and bedrooms. Looks like an expensive hassle for no purpose.

The official reason given was that father David Rodrigues needed more room for his printing ministry. But the move does not exactly give them more living space or work space. Puzzling.

But now it is starting to look like the move took place because of pending legislation and new homeschooling rules in West Virginia. One of the new laws is aimed at reducing one of the bigger problems of homeschooling – people who homeschool to hide abuse and neglect.

The new law says that anyone homeschooling who ends up with a CPS complaint will have to enroll the child in public school to make sure that abuse and neglect are not on going. I see what the state of West  Virginia is trying to do, they are trying to put kids in possible neglect and abuse situations in a place that will at least be alert to problems in the home. It sounds like a great idea.

Considering that the Rodrigues family has had multiple CPS complaints this is starting to look like what Michael and Debi Pearl and the Naugler family did. Pull up stakes to avoid CPS and move. Homeschooling laws in Ohio are relatively lax. This move was likely motivated to evade the changing laws. Another really Jesus-y thing done by this family.

In fact, West Virginia is trying to come up with a slate of laws involving the regulation of homeschooling. Typically HSLDA is furiously fighting these attempts to make sure that children in homeschooling have the best chances of receiving an education free of abuse and neglect. HSLDA wants no rules on homeschooling in effect in the state of West Virginia.

And a word of caution on HSLDA. They don’t always know what the heck they are talking about. They said this about homeschooling here in Costa Rica.

Which is so not true. I have seen in my time here several vaccine-denying, homeschooling Evangelical families ordered by local CPS to vaccinate and enroll the kids in public or private schools, or they will be deported. I know of a couple of families that have slipped off to Panama and other countries without as stringent rules on homeschooling. But they may find themselves running afoul of the same situations in other countries. HSLDA wants to say if the law does not specifically address homeschooling it means homeschooling is legal in that particular country. That is so false. They do their members a grave disservice by publishing such inaccurate information.

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