Create a Better Brain Through Neuroplasticity – Debi’s Stinking Thinking Part 1

Create a Better Brain Through Neuroplasticity – Debi’s Stinking Thinking Part 1 March 7, 2020

Pinky of “Pinky and the Brain” Debi thinks if you don’t follow her advice your kids will end up about as smart at this cartoon mouse. From Twitter.

Well folks, we made it through another week, and you know what that means, another chapter in Debi Pearl’s schizophrenic book of misunderstanding and misapplying science “Create a Better Brain Through Neuroplasticity”. Last week is here. This week the topic is all the things you can do to shrink your brain. In other words we’re back in crazy fearing mongering territory again. The Pearls love their fear. Let’s dive right in. She titled this  “Shrinking Our Brain” and we start out with a shameful story.

“One of the most amazing things scientists have learned through the study of neuroplasticity is the fact hat stinking thinking actually shrinks our brains. This often results in emotional disorders, as well as diminished emotional and intellectual intelligence.”

I don’t know about ‘Stinking Thinking’ but I actually feel dumber after reading that lie above. Emotions do not cause you to lose brain cells or intellect. There is absolutely zero scientific prove of this! Notice that Debi does not give ANY particulars or names of studies. Stress can impact brain cells, and kill off a few, but nowhere online or in any medical journal or study could I find anything about emotions killing brain cells. This is a pure Debi fiction.

Debi illustrates her idiotic point with a story about a lady who is a violinist. Lydia Rose is in a ‘prestigious music school set in one of the richest Jewish districts in New York…’ and just like that we have subtle racism mixed in with this story. This fictional girl schemed to be a music teacher at the school. Called on the carpet after two weeks for failing to follow curriculum. They canned her, as well they should if they had strict rules she was refusing to follow.

Lydia gets lectured and finally leaves heartbroken. Debi lobs this idiot bomb.

“Believing you are the best while still young can sometimes be detrimental. Being put in a position of authority where you feel superior is equally damaging when you are put down by those who do not value your ‘brilliance.'”

Excuse me while I roll on the floor and LAUGH! Debi just literally described her husband and his entire work history by changing sexes and occupations. Another passive aggressive swipe at Mikey sounds like ‘Stinking thinking’ from here.

“You can make yourself feel worse almost immediately by dwelling on the worst possible  outcome of a situation.”

Well, yes and no. Let me give you some practical advice for this one, because Debi won’t. It’s normal to sometimes thing of the worst possible outcome and how you would handle it. But there is a line some of us cross, getting stuck obsessing over it.

I tend to be the “2 am worrier”, jolted awake from a sound sleep by a brain that says “Hey, worry about this thing”. I am just hardwired this way. It’s not lack of brain cell, death of brain cells or anything else. I have learned that for me the most effect way to deal with the 2 am worry is to do something I picked up from a Stephen King book, of all things.  From “Doctor Sleep”. I imagine a safe or a strong lock box in my mind, visualize myself shoving that thing worrying me into that box, spinning the locking dial and pushing it out of site. This works for me. I have other techniques, but everyone has to find what works for them.

Then Debi blames the serotonin flooding through Lydia’s body for being such a taffy-nosed snot.  Stupid babbling about other neurotransmitters being deployed and killing brain cells. Good grief! Debi claims if you keep thinking on these bad things more of the brain killing voodoo keeps happening.

Debi babbles about impulse control and I cannot even start to make sense of this horrible word salad.

“Christians have always known by experience that mental health issues can be managed if not cured, by an infusion of God’s forgiveness and obedience to the principles of scripture.”

If there was ever a dangerous piece of theology with a body count this is it! If we had kept following this nonsense at the old church my husband would be dead right now from his tumor instead of tumor free and happy. If you are depressed I beg you to start with a complete physical from a competent medical doctor. Start there and nowhere else. Then listen to the doctor and go from there.

No matter how Debi and all the other culture enforcers whinge that it’s all being Godly enough and choosing happiness it’s also an established fact that antidepressant usage is so much higher in religious communities. How’s that trusting God only thing working out? Not very well it seems. There is no shame in seeking help, and taking the appropriate medication to help. You wouldn’t shame a diabetic for their insulin, or a heart patient for their nitroglycerin would you?

She blames the depressed for their own depression.

Debi quotes some very old doctors and talks about how depression drugs incarcerate your mind, and only the most harmful of folks should do that. Then she goes on to claim that Christianity invented “Mindfulness” as a way out of depression decades ago, llllllOLOLOLOL!

Debi goes back, circling around again to blame all mental illness on ‘Stinking thinking’ before returning to Lydia Rose and her bragging on social media. Debi claims that throws Lydia into the “Stinking thinking‘ loop of mental illness creation.

……………and we are not done with this chapter. This is about the halfway point and it all just gets much worse. Next week more on Lydia Rose and her bad behavior leading to depression and more, you guessed it, “STINKING THINKING!!!!!!!!!!”

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