No Teen Jobs Ever?

No Teen Jobs Ever? March 8, 2020

Screencap from YouTube about Wal Mart’s big push to hire teens and give them help with college.

This is an entirely new blog I stumbled across last night on Facebook called Blessed Homemaking by a lady named Jessica Faith Long. A quick look at her Facebook shows that she’s a rabid Trump supporter, a Flat Earther, believes Corona Virus is some sort of conspiracy to kill off folks, thinks Vitamin C cures COVID 19, that sleep paralysis is “demons” and so many other illogical quite unthinking things. She also believes that to let a teen take a job is a portal into all sorts of sin. She says she manages ‘Woketown’ and this is the solo piece at her blog.

So let’s take a quick peek. I’m not sharing the entire fear mongering thing here. Just the low lights and bad ideas. The bulk of her argument on why girls should never work outside of the home is that they should only be preparing to be wives and mothers.  Here are all the things she’s objects to exposing teens to.


▪️Their boss
They are at the demand of their manager to be available to do what he/she wants at whatever time he/she wants (though with some restrictions due to their age). This boss most likely won’t care about things like your teen keeping the Lord’s Day or having convictions about not doing certain things.

▪️Their co-workers
Co-workers can be the worst “companions” which your teen will naturally have to be around and cannot get away from in the workplace. If you send your teen off to a job, do not be surprised if they are exposed to filthy language and jokes, drug use, alcohol use, people fornicating, along with the more subtle views of their coworkers that are prevalent in our society, such as feminism, environmentalism, evolution, etc. Teens are still very much in their formative and immature years and will find it hard to be the only one standing against such evils in our society.

▪️Wicked music
Often in places of business, raunchy, inappropriate music is played, and your teen will have to listen to this all day and cannot get away from it. Co-workers may also play their own music which your teen may be exposed to.

Depending on the type of job your teen has, there may often be customers that your teen has to interact with that expose them to things you wouldn’t want.

▪️Sexual advances
It is a sad fact that if you send your daughter off to a job, you can expect that someone will at some point act inappropriately toward her. And in our backwards society, even young girls feel emboldened to make sexual advances towards young men, so you can expect this if you have sons as well. If you want to keep your children pure until their marriage, sending them off to a place of employment is not a very good way to do it.

Co-workers these days most likely have smartphones where they freely show other people porn or other wicked photos and videos. Are you ready for your teen to be exposed to this? Also, would your teen have other access to computers or other technology where they could search for or even accidentally stumble upon some of the wickedness that is on the internet? The temptation for teens is very real in this area, and once seen, these things cannot be unseen.

Many places of employment will expose your teen to high levels of immodesty that they wouldn’t have to deal with at home. This is especially problematic for teen boys who are trying to keep themselves pure in thought and deed.

▪️Your teen most likely will be asked by coworkers to “hang out” at other times other than the workplace. Don’t be surprised if your teen forms an attachment to the people they are around at work, wanting to be around them instead of their family.

I’m going to just shoot down these silly controlling ideas.

  1. The Boss – I am not sure what types of jobs this woman thinks are out there, but it’s unlikely your teen will be forced to steal, kill and destroy on the command of a boss. What is she talking about here? Having her son running a register where he might be exposed to tampons and bikinis and beer? Most jobs will accommodate days off for church events if you make it known upfront that you need those days off.
  2. Those naughty coworkers and their unapproved of behavior are the same folks your darling little child is going to have to figure out how to get along with in the future. You are just handicapping your children when you prevent them for interacting at all with different others. It does not mean your child is immediately going to start smoking the Devil’s Lettuce, or breakdancing. Learning how to navigate people with differing types of beliefs is an important skill to have. Plus I thought Jesus and church was supposed to imbue enough of a full armor of God to protect against this very thing.  Correct me if I am wrong but didn’t Jesus say we are to love others?
  3. Wicked music – I have yet to hear raunchy inappropriate music played as background noise at McDonalds, the grocery store, the steak house or any of the usual job options teens  qualify for. If your child is going to be corrupted by a slight few seconds hearing of a coworkers rap or country or rock music it’s time to look at why your own parenting is so subpar. I am reminded of this scene in the recent version of “Reefer Madness”.
  4. Customers are also a threat?!?!?! Laughing so hard here. Mostly customers are average folks, the same average folks your raised like veal in a box teenager needs to learn how to deal with lest they get Karen demanding to speak to the manager. Ooohhh… I am SO frightened because it’s CUSTOMERS!
  5. She really makes jobs sound like orgies. While the sad truth is that there are still male bosses out there that will attempt a seduction, with the MeToo movement this is becoming increasingly dangerous to their careers and freedom to do so. Plus, again, learning how to navigate a complex world is what teens must learn to transition to fully functioning adults who provide benefit to society.It’s just too funny she thinks there are scads of teenage girls out there loafing around wanting to rape her son.
  6. This denial of all technology sounds a little too much like Michael Pearl’s recent tantrums. Like we said then, random people are not lining up to show your kids porn on their Iphones. Second, I’ve never seen a work environment where this is not a fire-able offense. With labor laws and many corporate policies on sexual harassment at work this is many times an immediately dismissal. Same with teens who access porn on work computers. Look at porn, lose your job.
  7. Again it’s pretty clear that Jessica Faith Long has never been in the real professional world, because she would know that showing body parts in the work world is a no-no unless you’re working the pole at Chuckles the Clown strip club. The other problem with her words is that it’s pretty likely this is someone that would view normal items of clothing like sleeveless blouses as “Immodest” and tempting. Teach your sons to avert their eyes if someone is not wearing clothing you think is modest. Basic respect for the choices of other people is being trampled here.
  8. That “Hanging out” is not an orgy. Again, learning to deal with others, different others is a skill you want your child to learn, or you risk them being socially handicapped. If you’ve raised a child with a firm foundation, who knows who she or he is, who has earned your trust allowing  them out from under the family shadow is a healthy thing indeed. Just think of it this way, as much as you are worried someone else might influence your child its also possible for your child to be positively influencing others.

History, time and the Pearls have proven time and again that if you isolate your children in this extreme of a fashion they will eventually rebel and leave your home. Allowing them some liberties, like an after school job imparts so many important life lessons and allows them a small measure of autonomy. They start learning the things they need to know in order to function as adults. And isn’t that really the end goal of parenting? Raising our children to be productive happy citizens of the world?

For the record I did let my teens work. One of my daughters worked at a thoroughbred farm with horses, her deepest passion. Another worked at a video game store and my youngest as a bank teller in high school. It was good for all of them, helping all three develop good work habits and they are all now very gainfully employed.

This poor woman’s kids do not stand a chance in life. So many times in Quiverfull you see parents like this sacrificing their children to the God of their own design, not the God of the Bible, like people tossing their babies into the burning mouth of a Moloch statue. It’s some sort of twisted narcissism going on here that harms everyone it touches. It’s not about God, it’s about them.

Writing about it like that is just the newest dumbest version of Quiverfull virtue signaling, the blog rant. I see big psychiatric bills ahead.

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