Open Thread Covid 19 – Harketh! Doug Wilson Speaks!

Open Thread Covid 19 – Harketh! Doug Wilson Speaks! April 3, 2020

Today’s open thread with just a few things.

First Doug Wilson busily insists we have to repent. Same old song, different daggnabit day. Wonder how Doug did with yesterday’s Idaho earthquake? I briefly glanced at Doug’s blog just in time to see him post a photo of Donald Trump without a shirt all buff and fit wearing a WWE championship belt. Makes me wonder if he got into the markers and sniffed a few. He is bragging that Trump saved hundreds of millions of people from COVID 19 instead of completely mismanaging and bungling the pandemic.

Update on that Ohio update. They merely extended the stay at home orders without adding churches to the non-essential services meaning that David and Jill Rodrigues are free  to scatter germs willy nilly in the name of Jaysus!

Turns out  Steven Anderson does not have Coronavirus as they were speculating over at Reddit. I am glad for Zsuzsanna’s sake stuck in their small house with all those kids. Zsu is doing a nightly online reading of kids books during this time.


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