Trump, COVID 19, and Defiant Evangelical Spreaders

Trump, COVID 19, and Defiant Evangelical Spreaders October 2, 2020

Screen cap of CNN’s website this morning showing the deep kimchee we are in as a nation.

Let me start by stating the obvious yet again. Risky behavior has real life consequences, consequences that impact other people. Particularly in this time of a pandemic, a deadly virus that is easily spread from person to person by not masking or using social distancing. Bad behavior causes bad outcomes.

So I’m assuming by now that everyone knows that Hope Hicks, and now Melania and President Trump have tested positive for Coronavirus. Trump, who just accused former vice president of Joe Biden of wearing his mask too much. Now he has COVID and no one knows what impact this will have on a very continuous and confusing election cycle, as CNN points out.

Trump blames the military and law enforcement for his own personal outbreak. Fox News is spinning that Trump’s haters are rejoicing over the news and that Trump and Melania have been tweeting out messages of hope and peace.

I am still waiting for the first person to tweet him Psalm 109:8 – “Let his days be few; and let another take his office.I’m not wishing death on Trump, let us be clear, but I am wishing that his days in the White House are few, the death of his presidency.

This all looks like one heck of a karmic realignment from here for all the evil he’s done by downplaying the seriousness of a deadly disease. Everything in this life has to eventually be paid for, and it looks like his bill may have come due. Every action has a equal reaction.

In the middle of this news in tromps very cluelessly arrogant evangelical Benjamin Paul. Paul emailed me, wanting me to cover what he thinks are his rights being trampled upon. His daughter, 10 year old Harmony, refused to comply with her private school’s policy on face masks and wore a Jewish prayer shawl instead of an approved three layer mask that, you know, actually protected others against a deadly disease. Paul is outraged that the school kicked her out and refused to refund his money. He even set up a website to promote his outrage – Love, Grace, and Mercy.

Screen cap from the email I received. This guy is wrong on each and every single point.

Sadly I am seeing no love, no grace, and no mercy, because if he had any of that he’d be masking, and making his precious child mask for the safety of others. He’s filled with arrogance, selfishness and exploiting his child for political and religious gain. Good fathers do not use their kids as props in their own idiocy. Rage-filled bad Christian patriarchs use and exploit their children to the immense determent of the children. This is just another form of child abuse.

Add in the cultural appropriation of another religion’s rituals/accoutrements and this is all just so much worse. He claims that Jewish prayer shawls are widely associated with Christianity. No they are not!  Only in a small sect of Evangelical Christianity that loves to steal from other cultures. This is not Christian wide. Ask some Jews how they feel about it, and you’re likely to get answers this guy would not like.

And this fool thought I might be open to helping him when I have stated since March wear the mask and treat this disease like it’s real?  To do the right thing for everyone else?

There was a simple solution to all of this. Wear the mask. That’s it. I’ve written so many times here debunking the anti masking lies of Trump and others I’m not even going to go back into it. Science is real.


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