Evangelical Heath Lies – Open COVID 19 Thread

Evangelical Heath Lies – Open COVID 19 Thread June 14, 2020

I just did a video for NLQ debunking one of the biggest lies I keep seeing about the pandemic that someone suggested on my personal page earlier – that wearing a mask any length of time harms you. That it tanks your oxygen stats so badly that it impacts your thinking until you’re a drooling rock.

A month or so ago I did one when another prominent QF enforcer (coughcoughLoriAlexandercoughcough) tried to say that you could not talk with a mask on, sing, yell or anything else. I debunked that too.

I don’t know exactly why, but through the years I have seen the Evangelical world embrace some of the most easily debunkable medical lies of all times. They’ve promoted things that the FDA proves are dangerous like taking any metallic solution (silver I’m looking at you!), using the very banned caustic substance black salve, not going to the doctor for anything, no medicines and a whole host of other things that merely harm the people that follow them.

Their ignorance kills people. Too many times I’ve heard tales from churches, some from people I know well, where someone ignored a medical condition, or skipped regular physicals and died quickly. Almost always the conditions were things that would have responded to treatments, or at the very least given the person a much longer and more comfortable course of illness. It’s wickedly evil the outcomes.

This is a big one with me because I received significant harassment at our old church when my asthma flared into something more, right before being diagnosed with mast cell. Being told that doctors, treatments and medicine was “idolatry” Being told I had to throw away my nebulizer, vpap machine, all treatments, physical therapy, drugs and doctors appointments and proclaim I am healed in the name of the Jesus.

Now I do believe in healing, but who’s to say that doctors are not involved in that? This insistence that healing only comes when you pray the right way, deny symptoms and shuffle along, just like at Bethel Redding’s Healing Rooms is foolish for not taking advantage of every single asset possible. Why can’t healing come as a group effort?

What it bought me was a horrible worsening of my health. I got way sicker, and I’ve never fully recovered. I still wonder if I had ignored all those nattering nagging voices and kept on my medical treatments if I would actually be better right now. Would I even be well and whole?

So here I am, once again, debunking another Evangelical medical lie. That masking cuts off your oxygen. The way masks, even the N95 masks work is that they filter what air you get, not cut it off.

If you sealed a plastic bag around your head with duct tape that first breath would contain what all air does, around 21% oxygen. Your own exhalation would contain 16% oxygen. You’d have a good three or four breaths before passing out from lack of oxygen.

A well constructed fitted mask filters enough air in that you do not get the hypoxy you would experience if you wore that duct taped on plastic bag. The mask filtration ensures a good airflow, enough to keep you from suffering any oxygen shortage while protecting others from germs you carry, and offering some protection against the germs they carry. This is why surgeons, doctors, construction workers, nurses, lab techs and many others can wear an N95 mask for hours on end and not end up as those dumb drooling rocks I mentioned earlier.

N95s filter the air, but they are only as good as they fit for keeping out pollutants and viruses. Many viruses have such a small angstrom size they can easily come on through the mask. Which is why it’s important for everyone to mask, to keep your own cooties away from everyone else. When you’re not openly talking, shouting, singing, coughing and sneezing except in a mask you are protecting every single person around you. Which is a lot more loving than saying your rights are being violated by the mask wearing. Jesus would likely approve.

Oxygen molecules are even smaller than the angstrom footprint of a virus. Easy to move through a paper mask, or a mask filter. No risk.

Before COVID 19 I was an N95 mask wearer at the urging of my critical care pulmonologist. I don’t ‘like’ wearing them. But I like poking myself with my Epipen or waking up intubated a lot less. Before masking when exposed to things that make my asthma go haywire I would have to pull out my large Wynd personal filter, hold it up to my face and switch it on. A lot more difficult and cumbersome than masking. Masking has been a god send life saver for me. It cuts off exposures immediately.

After my testing today I can say without a doubt that wearing a properly fitting N95 mask did not cause my blood oxygen levels to move even one percentage points. It did not affect me at all, me an asthmatic that frequently does have trouble maintaining regular levels just in daily living.

Sorry so ranty but this is one of those lies I see all the time. If everyone masked COVID 19 could be ended quickly and we could all return to work and life that much sooner. What happened during the Influenza Pandemic of 1918 proves the value of masking and social distancing. So does the fact that New Zealand now has zero cases and has been able to start to return to normal. Masking, social distancing, taking the right actions in a timely fashion will kill COVID 19.

Not the crazy chaos happening in the U.S. right now around the issues of social distancing and masking. As of right now there are  more than 117,000 deaths in the United States due to misinformation like the health lies of Evangelicals and the lack of most decent effective leadership. While this is going on it has now come out that the best way to kill this thing is by 80% or greater of the population putting aside personal comfort and masking. Putting themselves last and caring for others. Like Christians like to brag they do. Like Jesus himself ordered them to do.

They make me literally and figurative sick.

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