Open Thread COVID 19 Nancy Campbell Believes Ridiculous Things About COVID 19

Open Thread COVID 19 Nancy Campbell Believes Ridiculous Things About COVID 19 April 29, 2020

And we start this morning with Nancy’s ideas on women and education. Her words below surely prove that whatever education she personally received was wasted time and money. I am not sure if Nancy ever stepped foot into a university or in what passes for public school in her part of the world.

Nancy Campbell of Above Rubies has seen that discredited video filmed by two self proclaimed doctors that has been pulled off YouTube and Facebook, marked as “Fake News” and thoroughly debunked. Her take away from the video makes me question not only her educational levels, but if she’s sliding into the type of dementia common in old age. Or the other common age related thing – anxiety and paranoia.

Nancy truly believes that the Coronavirus is a scheme designed to strip everyone of their rights. She thinks it’s not an illness worth worrying about, that the government wants to force everyone to get vaccinated. So many conspiracy theories swirling about.

She did quibble with the two ‘Doctors’ on a few things, and claimed the video was ‘mainstream’ –

“They believe in testing (whereas I don’t think it is necessary). They believe in vaccines (whereas I don’t—well, especially the one they are preparing for this current virus).”

This is typical Evangelical cherry-picking, embracing the parts that fit your skewed toxic worldview, and purposely ignoring the rest.

“Dear ladies, we no longer live in “the land of the free.” There is no longer free speech. As people are waking up to the truth of what is happening and are beginning to expose the truth, the videos are being taken down.”

This is mistaken. While free speech means you can say what you will it does not mean that anyone else is compelled to listen, or a private company is required to host your discombobulated words or verbal shenanigans at all. Companies like Facebook and YouTube do have a greater responsibility to the wider society to remove the fake news vomitus spewed there.

““those behind the scenes” want to deceive us with their lies. It is now common knowledge with the current numbers and testing that there have been no more deaths with this particular corona virus than with the seasonal flu. In fact, the number of deaths for the virus are less than they were for the flu in the past two years.”

According to Johns Hopkins and the CDC there were 34,200 deaths last year from the flu, spread out over the course of a years cycle. We currently stand at 59,221. Even using creative math there are many more Coronavirus deaths spread over a few months than flu deaths, and the toll keeps rising. Math and science are clearly not Nancy’s strength.

“They want you to believe this virus is deadly whereas most people who have tested positive hardly know they are sick. Those who have died are mostly those who have had one, two, or sometimes three existing conditions. Doctors are being commanded to list COVID-19 as the cause of death even if they patient died from something else”

Just not true. Doctors are not being ordered to list COVID as the cause of death. If anything those numbers, of the infected and the death are grossly under reported by doctors not realizing in time that a patient has the virus, and the administration has limited testing and been quite vocal about holding down the death rates. Likely in an attempt to cushion the bad news to strengthen Trump’s chances at reelection.

People who exhibit no symptoms or mild symptoms are not even being tested, or being advised not to test according to the CDC. Another thing Nancy should have picked up in school she does not understand, statistics and statistical analyst. Just another easily bamboozled female. There is literally no evidence that I could find.

“Dear ladies, this whole scenario is not so much about a virus but the controlling of our lives. They have successfully shut down the world through fear! And they did it without hardly a murmur from anyone. Even God’s people! Even stopped them gathering together for church.

Government, governors of states, mayors, and police are violating the Frist Amendment.”

Pray tell, what exactly is the “Frist” Amendment.

This whole thing is not about controlling others, you easily flummoxed nincompoop! It is strictly about saving your elderly self from a virus that has proven to be deadly to your age group!

“Did you know that unless you are a dentist, or a doctor or nurse caring for sick and infectious patients, wearing a mask will not do much for you. You are only breathing in your own carbon dioxide and it’s not truly effective. I’d rather breathe in the beautiful fresh air and also maybe pick up some immunity to the virus. By doing this I will have a stronger immune system. Hiding away weakens your immune system.”

Only slightly partially true. If the choice between providing PPE to the general population, or medical professionals, people in high risk situations and people exposed to the general public then those PPE should go primarily to medical professionals and others working during the pandemic.

Masks are not worn to protect you. They are donned to protect others from your own germs, viruses, creeping crawling crud. If you are wearing a mask to protect yourself you are doing it for the wrong reasons. I think Jesus would approve of you showing care for other people in this time.

The breathing carbon dioxide lie is easily debunkable. Again, when we breathe we breathe in air that contains roughly 21% oxygen. Exhalation contains about 16% oxygen. You are only usually pulling out that small 5% with each breath, meaning that just slightly inhibiting your breathing with a mask has no effects on the oxygen levels in your body, or that you are taking in. The masks, even the high end ones, have filters or the mask is porous enough to breath through. More science and biology fail by Nancy.

“And did you know that the hospitals are half empty? Doctors are only working half days. Many doctors are laid off or working only part time as there are so few patients. Everything is the opposite of what you are told.

I will post some more videos which I believe everyone should see. They are certainly not so mainstream as the one taken down, but the facts can all be confirmed. Watch them before they are taken down. Watch them for the sake of your future and the future of your children.”

That is only true at hospitals in rural areas. Newsflash, most non essential surgeries and procedures have been cancelled specifically so that PPE, doctors and other supplies do not run out. THIS is exactly what the stay at home orders and squashing the curve are all about! The need to keep from overwhelming the health care system and even more people dying.

And those videos. We will be watching, and reporting them as fake news whenever you post them, Nancy. All this fake conspiracy theories and bad information is likely to just spread the disease even more and lead to more deaths.

We’re on the verge of reopening soon, even as people are still dying.

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