Open Thread Covid 19 – Ohio’s Response to Possible Super Spreader Jill Rodrigues

Open Thread Covid 19 – Ohio’s Response to Possible Super Spreader Jill Rodrigues April 2, 2020

At least if Jill is just playing her banjo in front of her Miscarriage Wall she’s not openly spreading possible disease.

Heads up! Cindy Kunsman and others have been attempting to hold grifter Jill Rodrigues feet to the quarantine fire with the states of Ohio and Pennsylvania. Many are now hearing back from the jurisdictions involved. It’s not good news for anyone but Jill. Good job taking lead on this Cindy!

Pennsylvania Health Department says that their hands are tied as Jill is not a resident there. There are no plans in place to punishing roving religious nuts, banning revivals and conferences. But what can you expect from a state filled with Mennonites, Amish and a pile of fundamentalist religions.

Ohio was a different kettle of fish entirely. The person at the health department said at this time they cannot investigate religious gatherings. The state website and the governor both state that churches and religious gatherings are not exempt from the stay at home order. But apparently there is confusion, disagreement and lack of agreement at the state level and agencies and people in the government are at loggerheads as to if people can be investigated and fined for unsafe behaviors.

You have to remember that Ohio is sort of the buckle of the Bible Belt. There are tons of churches and ministries there, and apparently they’ve been told that churches and church activities are to be held exempt and not investigated at this time.

The person Cindy spoke with wearily agreed that this is a serious situation that isn’t being taken seriously enough by the general public. But his hands are tied in investigating Jill Rodrigues at this time.  That may change rapidly however.

He did say that they were swamped at this time by complaints of many violating the stay at home ban. He’d also seen before the many photos of Jill and family out and about during the stay at home order.

This afternoon or evening Ohio’s governor Mike DeWine will be giving a public briefing on the efforts in the state to curtail the Coronavirus. It is also expected he will extend the stay at home order beyond the initial April 6th expiration.  It is also rumored that he will announce that fines and jail time could be levied against those willfully breaking the stay at home law.

It wouldn’t cause Jill to be fined for her conferences and lack of all social distancing at past Bible studies. But it would come into play if she decided again to traipse out and kiss babies, or drag her quadriplegic sister out to shill her ministry. Other states have fines from a few hundred dollars to nearly a thousand for quarantine violators. Just the Rods being busted once en masse mean a lot less chicken legs for their children who already look like they experience food insecurity. But on the flip side, no more Kit Kat bars for their daddy either.

Sadly Jill’s sister Amy Foster is ill at this time. No word on what it is.

How are things going where you are? They announced here that starting Saturday morning at midnight Costa Rica will be having a 5 pm curfew and vehicle curfew.  You’ll only be allowed to drive one day per week, the day determined by your license plate number. They are taking this rather seriously here, and rates haven’t climbed, but stayed steady.

What are you reading now? I am in the middle of books on Winston Churchill and Weird Al Yankovic,

Have you observed people behaving like this is still no threat? Yesterday I saw a lady coughing over and over and over again at the store without bothering to cover her mouth in any way. She also wasn’t wearing a mask. They are now saying that coughs can spread germs for 26 feet, so much for social distancing.

A little something I learned last night on Chris Cuomo’s CNN show and confirmed by Dr. Sanjay Gupta. The use of a cheap little pulse oxymeter during any ailment you think might be Coronavirus can help. It measures the oxygen levels in your blood, which will fall quickly if you have Corona and not the flu. They run about thirty bucks. I have and use mine daily because of the asthma, but did not know they could be helpful in determining when you need medical care and possible hospitalization during the virus.

Here’s what mine looks like if you are not familiar with this item. It’s the blue thing.

Stay well folks!

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