Larry Solomon Teaches Sex Ed?

Larry Solomon Teaches Sex Ed? June 4, 2020

A screen cap from the site with the naughty bits all covered to get around the Patheos filter. The comments are from a page I shared this nonsense at.

Dear Heavenly Father, no, no, NO, N-O! this landed in my lap a few hours ago. I literally could not stop laughing for over an hour, and I’m chuckling now reading through the pages. This screen cap is from Larry Solomon of Biblical Gender Roles site he’s put together to teach sex ed to his unwashed MGTOWing masses.

This is the first and last time I will ever link to a site by Larry Solomon, who is clearly grappling for the Vaughn Ohlman crown of the most revolting yet vanilla patriarch on the planet.  The site is named “Biblical Sexology”

It’s filled with five, count ’em, five different articles on polygamy. Larry approves of more than one wife apparently.

There are articles self justifying Larry’s masturbation habits, something I just don’t want to think about ever. I always imagined Larry’s sex life was self molestation while clutching an ancient Sears catalog of girdles and those Cadillac bumper bullet like bras.

Larry claims that many of his readers do not know what sex is, and that he feels the need to education them. This is why I am in favor of sex ed in school. Everyone on this planet needs an owners manual to their own bodies and sexual organs. But this is not that! Larry orders wives to seduce their husbands, saying they are commanded to do it, uses some of the most vanilla of all times sex position illustrations.

I see nothing about a woman’s pleasure, the notion that a man needs at least basic grooming before sex, nothing on female masturbation, sex toys, more interesting positions or anything out of the Kama Sutra. Not even better vanilla positions like reverse cowgirl. Everything there shows that to Larry women are nothing more than a collection of holes to poke when she’s not cooking and cleaning.

To top it off Larry begs for donations on one page.

There’s nothing new here save that page of positions. Positions that make me yawn. Most of the content are old articles posted from Larry’s Biblical Gender Roles.

No post in the morning. This is that. It’s going to be hard to sleep after laughing so hard so long over this. Oh Larry, thank you for the huge laugh in a very hard time.

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