Women are the Moral ‘Week’ Link?

Women are the Moral ‘Week’ Link? June 24, 2020

Screencap from his site. I have taken the liberty of not using the entire photo because it involves this likely unknowing girl’s face, and I’ve blurred out the vulgar crotch shot this ‘Good Christian’ man felt compelled to share. This is not right by any metric. It just shows the depth of his depravity.

For the past few weeks I’ve been reading through Keith Entz blogs, both his Whitewater Community Church blog and his pageant of Red Pills on meth and borderline personality disorders Laughing at Feminism. There is simply too much to list here of the untrue morally repugnant things he’s said about half the population, but this just jumped out at me.

So why did a righteous God give men dominion and rule over women from creation?

So why did the subtle serpent, Satan, first tempt humanity to sin, via the woman?

Why was it the woman to first transgress a command of God’s?

So why was the earth cursed when the man harkened unto the voice of the woman?

Why didn’t the woman harken unto her husband Adam, and God?

Why are women never to usurp men?

Why does God still want women everywhere to adorn themselves with shamefacedness?

Why would God give young women a monthly reminder of their inherent uncleanness?

Because women are the moral week link!

Women were created as weaker vessels, morally inferior, and in need of husbanding.

He has pages and pages of quotes by others that state that the husband and the wife are to be like one. Would someone hate their own selves as much as this man and his pals hate women? I don’t think so. That image of a couple as one speaks more to the partnership that is marriage, that we’re all allowed to do in whatever way works for us, our theology and our own consent. It’s not the dire slavery he thinks it is.

Women are not the image of God, nor the glory of God,(1 Corinthians 11:7) but a morally weaker-link created fittingly to serve and satisfy men(the image of God) and yet women also serve God’s purpose to try men’s spirits and allegiance, which men must rationalize by faith to an intangible God, rather than giving allegiance to the tangible creature,(woman) who is to be by design the man-satisfying gift of God. While women themselves, being a weaker vessel,(1 Peter 3:7) demonstrate whether or not they are loyal to an intangible God by the rationally simpler task of just showing their faith and allegiance by serving His tangible image, and seeing to it that she reverence God through reverencing His tangible image, her husband.

This codswallop again!

If a woman is supposedly created from a man’s rib that means shes part of him, the other half, not a lesser being. Something created from someone supposed to be the image of God would be another image of that self same God.

I hope his ex and Whitewater Community Church has served him with a restraining order. His words on his own blog show a tendency towards violence and dehumanization. He genuinely believes that women are not human, therefore not worthy of any human rights.

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