Ken Alexander, White Entitlement and Fertility

Ken Alexander, White Entitlement and Fertility August 3, 2020

This morning I was going to start with this, Lori Alexander’s hatred of black people organizing and of the LGBTQ community. There’s a lot of privilege to unpack there. Lori is speaking these things from her sealed bubble on high, in that fancy house in a ritzy suburb in a pricey area without one whit or notion that she is incredibly privileged. Disgustingly blinded to her privilege. None of that walk a mile in my shoes stuff for her, unless she’s trying to explain away why she says one thing and does another.

But then I was distracted by Lori begging her husband to answer one of her many critics. A lady named “Nicole” dared ask some of the questions many of us I know that oppose her theology have been asking for ages now. Why only 4 kids if she believes in having as many as the Lord will allow? Why does she tell women not to  be educated, yet she has a college education? Lori cannot answer, so she gets Ken to do it, like she does apparently with all difficult things.

We’re only looking at the lack of kids here, the basic failure to live up to her stated theology of have radical amounts of babies even if you’re poorly equipped for them.

Ken starts answering. What’s interesting is that much of what he’s saying does not even line up with things Lori has said in the past. Since Ken is so incredibly verbose we’re only going to look at small sections of this ode to entitlement. Make your own conclusions.

” First, we have five children, but only four who are alive. We lost our first precious child when Lori miscarried and it was a very sad and traumatic time for her as she wanted a child so badly, and not have to go teach every day in a difficult part of LA. I was the one who wanted to wait a couple years after marriage. So, when she got pregnant with our first, she was so happy, but one night she started to bleed and the doctor said she needed to go to bed rest. I had just broken my ankle sliding into third base, so we went to her parent’s home to spend the night. At about midnight, Lori called me from the bathroom and I hobbled in just in time to have her faint in my arms. She was miscarrying while I lay on the bathroom floor with her calling out for help from her Dad. What a sad night that was.”

I’m sorry they had a miscarriage, but like yesterday’s Jill Rodrigues tale of the actual miscarriage this seems rather overblown and dramatic, just a tad histrionic. It fits with the tendency in this culture to conflate events into a Lifetime movie epic.

“But rather quickly, Lori was pregnant again and we were thrilled. She delivered the most perfect bundle of joy who was just with us on vacation with her husband and fun-as-can-be baby boy.”

At first I was confused by this sentence, but now I see he’s speaking of daughter Alyssa and her husband and baby.

Notice that in the first paragraph Ken said he’d wanted to wait a few years on children but Lori somehow became pregnant. That’s what happens when someone likes to sabotage birth control or avoid it. She made the decision for him instead of honoring his wishes. How exactly this squares with her demands to always be submissive to your husband she has never explained. She’s submissive only when it suits her purposes while telling everyone else they must submit all the time.

“From then on out, we had a child about every two years. At one point we had four children under six years old.”

Did Ken flunk mathematics as well as biology in high school and college? The closest one can come to his numbers is if the oldest is around six years old if you apply the formula of a child every two years.

He moves onto the reason they stopped having children.

“Lori was dealing with some unknown stomach ailments that were at times debilitating. We searched high and low for answers for four years with specialists when finally, a family doctor ordered a stool test to discover that Lori was loaded with parasites……

…..the first antibiotics worked great for six weeks but then the parasites became immune to them. This kept happening until finally they gave her a cocktail of antibiotics that fried her stomach for more than 15 years. The cure had become as bad as the original disease.”

Parasites? Was she eating old ceviche in Tijuana? Parasites are not that common in our hyper obsessional with cleanliness society in the U.S. It is estimated that only 5% of the population contract them. This is another reason why regular doctor visits and exams are a good idea. As with many things the sooner you can make a solid diagnosis and get treatment, the better you will do with that treatment. Long trials of the more powerful antibiotics are not fun, but usually they can give you treatments that mitigate many of the more unpleasant side effects.

This is all followed by the story of the squished Mercedes between two eighteen wheelers and a cracked neck bone leading to twenty years of pregnancy preventing neck pain.

Ken waxes rhapsodic about how special Lori is to keep raising their children in the midst of these ailments, neglecting to mention that Lori had domestic help and tutors to do the heavy lifting of homeschooling and housework. I could have been saintly too had I had those things when raising my children too. I am sure we all could.

“One night before a basketball game for our boys when they were in high school, she just couldn’t take the pain anymore and we ended up back in the ER. Her stomach and neck were on fire and she had had a perpetual headache for about a year. When they wheeled her in for a Cat Scan of her stomach, she begged for a scan of her brain, and sure enough, she had a brain tumor. This was our introduction to the first of many bouts of Cerebral Sodium Wasting with trips to the ICU.”

She’s lucky that perpetual headache for a year wasn’t something worse than a brain tumor. I know of one lady in this subculture that had this symptom, finally went to the ER only to discover cancer in her brain from untreated uterine cancer. She died two weeks later.

This is it. Lori’s excuse for not having huge piles of kids. Her health. The story by Ken is filled with dramatic pronouncements and excuses, reading much like the Rod story the day before.  Whenever I read stories like this I always wonder what type of personality disorder could likely be driving all of this hyper dramatization. I wonder if the brain tumor triggered a personality change too, because its pretty common. There’s a clear difference in her writings through the years.

However I am glad she’s found a way to deal with the neck, and whatever else disorders she may have.


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