June 19, 2016

I honestly do not know if I was “called” by Inari Ōkami or not. But I can tell you that the decision to venerate Inari feels absolutely right. Read more

June 14, 2016

Hundreds of pilgrims gathering at giant rocks to see the Sun rise at the Summer Solstice…no, this isn’t Stonehenge, but one of Japan’s most treasured natural landmarks. Read more

June 12, 2016

A look at the Hi-Fu-Mi norito, one of the most accessible Shinto prayers Read more

June 8, 2016

“Blessed Be” may have Christian origins, but it has some interesting implications that might explain why Pagans find it an appealing greeting. Read more

June 5, 2016

Can Shinto shrines be sources of inspiration for Neopagan temples? Read more

June 2, 2016

A non-magical interpretation of the Wiccan “Rule of Three” Read more

May 30, 2016

This month we take a look at one of Ronald Hutton’s most recent books; an older book on Shinto shrines; one of Paulo Coelho’s more witchy works; and a brand-new release by one of Patheos Pagan’s own writers! Read more

May 27, 2016

The decision to hold the G7 summit close to Ise Grand Shrine has prompted some difficult questions for Shinto – for example, can it really be considered a universal religion? Read more

May 25, 2016

Can one have a non-religious altar? Let’s take a look at a possible example from Japan… Read more

May 22, 2016

How can I refer to the four classical elements when I know that the reality is far more complex? Read more

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