Breakfast Links for 12/12/12 – Angelic Company; Seasons of the Soul; Hacking the Human Brain

Breakfast Links for 12/12/12 – Angelic Company; Seasons of the Soul; Hacking the Human Brain December 12, 2012


Joel J. Miller, Patheos/Joel J. Miller: “Scripture treats angelic companionship as a standard part of our relationship with God. “The angel of the Lord encamps all around those who fear Him, and delivers them,” says Psalm 34.7.”

Ron Quinlan, ChristianPost: One Last Christmas

Paul Louis Metzger, Patheos/Uncommon God, Common Good: “So often we approach one another simply as mass, where we have no inherent meaning or value. Kind of like the stuff we buy at Christmas—no inherent meaning, only the value we give to it.”

Teddy Ray, Ministry Matters: Sunday School Failure

Dyanna Herron, Patheos/Good Letters: “And because of this, we believe that we will survive our own winters, and that our souls will survive their own bare months and freezing stillnesses. I, at least, have to believe this—that the path I walk on will eventually thaw and warm, the branches bud and bloom.”

Terry Mattingly, Beware of the Advent Grinch

Robert C. Crosby, Patheos/Leading…the Following Way: “After all, we live in a culture in which the “price tags are switched.” What should be of great value (ie: our relationships and friendships) is too often devalued; and what should mean little to us (ie: positions, possessions and power) is too often idolized and clamored after.”

Chloe Diggins & Clint Arizmendi, Wired: The Next Battleground – Hacking the Human Brain

K. Mulhern, Patheos/Dry Bones: “There are, however, actions that can best be done while waiting in a darkened world, and so we must take advantage of the season. Dark, cold, and quiet days make room for remembering. And hoping.  And, I believe, adoring.”

Dexter Filkins, The New Yorker: Bin Laden – the Movie



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