5 Ways to Show Your Man You Respect Him

5 Ways to Show Your Man You Respect Him December 19, 2019

how do you show respect for a manWhen I got married I didn’t understand what people meant when they said,”Respect your husband.”

How do you show respect for a man?

Even if I wanted to be respectful (and I’m not sure I was all that concerned with it), I didn’t know how.

For starters, he did things I didn’t think were respect “worthy.” Know what I’m saying?

Yeah, I’d read it in the Bible. People said it. But what did it mean?

How do you do it?

If you’re anything like me, you find the whole respect thing confusing.

I was nice. I was helpful. I thought that was respectful enough. But our marriage wasn’t something to write a “how to” book about. I could’ve written a “how not to” book without a problem.

I didn’t understand what he needed to feel respected.

Are you supposed stand at attention when he enters a room? Or roll out the red carpet when he gets out of the shower?

Fat chance, right?

Respect for men is huge. It’s like love for women.

Turns out, showing respect isn’t as hard as it sounds. It doesn’t take much. It’s not complicated.

If you discovered you could make huge changes in your marriage by making small adjustments, would you?

5 practical tips for showing your man you respect him

So how do you respect your man?

  1. Include him in decision making. Everyone wants to be heard. He wants to know you’re interested in what he thinks and how he feels. Men, especially, want you to look to him as a leader. Before making and finalizing plans, ask him what he thinks. You’re not asking permission; you’re letting him know what’s going on to make sure it doesn’t interfere with what he’s thinking.
  2. Encourage him. We can belittle our men without even realizing it. When you support and encourage him, you breathe life into him. When you believe he can do it, he believes he can do it, too. So tell him you believe in him and let him know when he does something well.
  3. Show gratitude. When you say “thank you,” your guy feels like he’s made you happy. Thank him for small things like clearing the table or picking up the kids from school. Try to find five things to thank your husband for everyday.
  4. Think positively about him. Your attitude towards your husband starts with how you think about him. When you think negatively about him, you’ll assume his motives are to harm you. When you assume the best of him and think positively about him, it comes out in your attitude. How many times have you leapt to a negative conclusion only to find out you were wrong? Your whole perspective of him changes when you think positively about him.
  5. Trust his decisions. Let him know you trust his judgement by respecting and honoring his choices and decisions. If your man tells you everyone respects him except you, don’t dismiss him. You’ve got a problem. Let him lead by getting out of the way.

When you understand what your man needs to feel respected, you may wonder why you didn’t make changes long ago.

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