Rosary Book Done

Rosary Book Done May 23, 2007

Last year I finished my book on the Rosary called The Healing Rosary. Its a little practical book in which I work through the mysteries showing how they connect with the different stages of our life. Then I help the reader use the different stages to pray for healing for the things that went wrong in their own lives or the lives of others at those stages.

English publishers aren’t interested…surprise surprise. “What something creative? Something fresh? No thanks.” However, I’ve got three publishers in the USA who are interested. If all goes well it should be published next year.

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  • I am pleased to hear the book will be out next year. Some of my earliest memories are of kneeling in the lounge room as the family prayed the Rosary. Sadly, something which is rare these days. My late grandmother who died over 40 years ago prayed 15 decades of the Rosary every day for about the last 20 years of her life.I remember Bishop Fulton Sheen exhorting people to pray the Rosary at any time and wherever they were. It is a practice which from time to time I have attempted to apply. I earnestly believe that a return to traditional devotions such as the Rosary, Holy Hours Benediction etc are what will reinvigorate the Church and enable vocations to blossom. It will not happen over night but please God it will happen

  • Yes i’ve seen one of your meditations on The Healing Rosary..indeed us English made lots of copies..perhaps that’s why we don’t need the book! lolIt was a lovely meditation..i particularly like the healing reflection on family hurts…i recommend your book to everyone & hope you get a publisher sooner rather than later..

  • Sounds like an awesome book, can’t wait.Are you required, as a priest, to get a nihil obstat and imprimatur? Did you do that before?

  • Dunno. I’ll have to ask. Thanks for the reminder. I didn’t before.