Wot no Zuchetto?

Wot no Zuchetto? March 10, 2008

I have been informed by a reader that a papal indult is required for a parish priest to wear a zuchetto. Can this be true?

No one need worry. I don’t want to wear a purple or red or white one. I’m happy for bishops and cardinals and the pope to have those colors. I want a nice simple black one. Is it true, that if I find a really nice zuchetto I may not wear it?

My informant said a parish priest may not wear one liturgically. I’m not a parish priest. Does that mean I can wear one? Or perhaps I can wear one, but not liturgically–like just around the house or when I go out for a burger or something, but I have to take it off when I say Mass?

I know I’m only a convert, but this one is really throwing me. Is this zuchetto rule a dogma of the church or just a discipline? Either way, if it is true I’m not sure I’ll be able to deal with it. I might have to leave and start my own church. It will be called the Foursquare American Catholic Apostolic Church of the Zuchetto Reform.

I hope someone out there will be able to illuminate me on this very important point and thus save the church from another very sad, but necessary schism.

If it does come to schism, I hope everyone will understand that I did not leave the Catholic Church–the Catholic Church left me…

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