Fellowship Church Names

Fellowship Church Names August 5, 2008

Since moving to South Carolina I’ve been somewhat amused/bemused by the trendy names given to the new ‘community churches’. Sometimes they are just named by their local community. We have a big one here in town called ‘Brookwood’ which, I guess, is the name of the local subdivision.

It’s the ones with ‘creative’ spiritual sounding names that amuse me. I’ve spotted:

  • Cornerstone
  • Fresh Spring
  • Living Water Fellowship
  • The Heritage
  • The Vineyard
  • The Edge
  • New Spring

At first I thought the last one was a new mattress store. This led to some creative church naming of my own. I’ve come up with:

  • Hot Wings
  • Hearts of Fire
  • HeartBurn
  • Winds of Flame
  • Flame On
  • Breaking Wind
  • Sound of Running Water
  • Chariots of Fire
  • Kingdom Hall

Do readers have any other real life examples or some of their own?

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