Real Missionaries

Real Missionaries October 30, 2008

Fr Blake has this post and video about real, solid Catholic missionary work in South America.

None of this flaky liberation theology junk.

While I’m at it, when I was training in England for Catholic ordination we had a sixties type Domincan come to lecture us about sacramental theology. He was getting all excited about liberation theology sacramental theology…”So you see, whenever we give a poor person a bath it is a baptism..whenever we feed the hungry it is Eucharist.”

Us former Anglicans were aghast and didn’t buy it. One of them said, “Excuse me Father, this might be revolutionary for you and something totally new, but this is nothing more than the sacramental theology of the Salvation Army. It’s been around since General Booth in London in the nineteenth century, and furthermore, that’s why the Salvation Army no longer practice the sacraments of any kind.”

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