Groovy good Mornings!

Groovy good Mornings! April 5, 2009

This article from the Daily Telegraph says priests in the Diocese of Leeds in England have been advised to stop saying ‘Good Morning’ to their congregations at the beginning of Mass. 

We have to get rid of the Tonight Show approach to liturgy. Guy comes on stage, “Howya’all doing? Anybody heard any good jokes this week? The Lord be with you…” I knew one priest who would discuss the baseball games of the weekend, give out the birthdays in the parish that week, sprinkle in a few jokes, then introduce the penitential rite with something like, “I know we’ve all done things this week that we thought better of afterwards, let’s tell God about it.” He would also make personal comments while distributing communion, “The Body of Christ, hey Mike, I like your new mustache. The Body of Christ, great new Lexus you’ve got in the parking lot Sally”
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  • Small steps get us to the end of journey…

  • I’m sure there is usually a good intention behind saying “Good morning,” but it’s not quite in tune with what Mass is and the spirit of worship, and then of course it imparts that slightly wrong perspective to the congregation.I bet this never would’ve been a problem if they’d stuck with ad orientum.

  • I have a parish near me that I go to. for time reasons, I have no other options when it comes to daily mass. The Pastor there tends to do things like this and has a tendency to do other things like call up people for anniversaries and 1st time visitors and make subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) changes to the communion rite. It pains me that he has a stature of our Lady of LaSalette in the church. I for one know personally I have no doubts about this Pastor’s sincere love for Our lady, but I truly hope and pray he would heed the message she gave at LaSalette to say our prayers well, most importantly, the mass.

  • Here in our college town, it can all too often start with an expression of thanksgiving (or regret)for the previous night’s game.

  • Liz


  • “Hello everyone and welcome to St. . . .”We would like to ask everyone to turn your cell phones to silent or vibrate so as to not disturb our full and active participation in today’s liturgy, which will be led by Fr. Eddy.”Prior to taking our seats at the lords supper table, please take a moment to stand and greet ‘everyone’ around you.”(Allow five minutes to pass.)”Finally, before we begin our communal celebration, please stow all carry-in luggage beneath the pew in front of you and return your shoulders to the full upright position.”And now, The Sunday Mass.”