Father of Lies

Father of Lies August 5, 2009

You can always tell when the devil’s at work because he uses idealistic lies. He uses catch phrases and slogans, and you know they’re lies by looking at the results. One of the most famous modern lies is ‘feminism’ which encourages women to be more masculine. Another word is ‘gay’. Take a look at the homosexualist sub-culture and it’s anything but happy and carefree and innocent.

One of the more subtle lies is the word ‘inclusive’. The Episcopal and Lutheran churches have, this summer, voted to allow practising homosexuals into the clergy and to endorse same sex ‘weddings’. This was done in the name of ‘inclusivity’. In an attempt to stem their plummeting numbers they want to be more inclusive and draw more people in. They don’t seem to understand that their attempts at ‘inclusivity’ are exactly what is driving ordinary people away. People don’t want to belong to the LBGTQCUSA. What is happening is just the opposite of inclusivity because the traditional Christians are driven out and all they’ll end up with is a feminist-pro homosexualist sect.

And like the people who endorse yet more sex education in order to stop teen pregnancy, these people think they need more ‘inclusivity’ to stem the decline of their church. This is insane. It’s like putting orange juice in the gas tank of your car because it won’t go, then when the engine blows up you put orange juice in the windscreen washer reservoir, the engine, the brake cylinder and the glove compartment. Then when the car is a total wreck you scratch you head and say, “We obviously didn’t put enough orange juice in the car. Maybe we should fill the trunk too.”

How do people who call themselves Christians fall for such lies? First, they ignore the authority of the Catholic Church. (As we’re discussing Protestants this is part of their underlying assumption) Second, they stop respecting and venerating the Scripture as the inspired Word of God. Instead they begin to use the Bible as a source of proof texts to support their preconceived notions. Third, they are charmed by the Spirit of the Age. Fourth, along with their blind allegiance They fall for progressivism–the idea that modern people are somehow smarter than people who lived before us. As a result, they fall for all the latest ideas believing that they are better just because they’re new. Fifth, in line with philosophical trends that have been going on for hundreds of years, they assume that utilitarianism is a determinant. In other words, if it works it’s right, this is extended to a shaky theory, ‘If it looks like it might work it’s right.’ Finally, they are suckers for sentimentalism. If it ‘feels bad’ it’s wrong. If it ‘feels good’ it’s right. No tough calls here. They simply go for what is ‘not hurtful.’

The mainline Protestant churches are not unique in this. They’ve simply adopted the spirit of the age. As this heresy grows Catholicism, on the other hand, will seem increasingly bizarre and dangerous. And that’s when the persecution will begin.

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