New Anglican Nightmare

New Anglican Nightmare March 19, 2010

This week the Episcopal Church officially affirmed the election of Mary Glasspool the openly Lesbian bishop in Los Angeles. Not content with this horror a story emerges of the actions of the Episcopal Church towards traditionalist congregations. You can read the story at Midwest Conservative Journal. Be warned that some of this indignant bloggers’s language is a bit salty, but the story really is pretty horrific.

I’m not sure I have all the details right, but more of the story of the Church of the Good Shepherd in Binhamton NY is told here. It seems that an Episcopal congregation which was traditional and thriving wanted to pull out of the Episcopal Church. The Episcopal authorities kicked them out of the building, instituted a lawsuit to claim all property and won. This included the sudden eviction of the pastor his wife and four children from the rectory. The congregation offered to buy the building from the Episcopal diocese and even offered three times over the assessed value. The Episcopalian hierarchy wouldn’t budge. They got them out, including a clause that the building could never be sold to any group for Anglican style worship.

Meanwhile the local Catholic Church offered the congregation a building, the rector and his family a house and they now have a larger congregation in their new (and nicer building).

Here comes the killer: the diocese then sold the now empty Episcopal Church to the Muslims for a third of the asking price. They took the cross off the steeple, painted the door green, and the former Christian Church is now an Islamic Awareness Center. Other denominations have sold churches to Muslims, but MCJ rightly points out that no other denomination has actually evicted a thriving, growing Christian congregation with a lawsuit and then sold the building to Muslims.

The amazing irony of this is that they evicted faithful Anglicans who were opposed to the gay, feminist agenda of Episcopalianism only to sell the building to Muslims who are even harsher towards homosexualists and would never dream of having women clergy. So go figure.

People wonder why Pope Benedict is establishing the Anglican Ordinariate. It’s because, despite the continuing ecumenical discussions, the Anglican Church is now so far gone that Catholics cannot really engage in any realistic attempts at unity. All that remains is for those Anglicans who wish to be part of the historic church to leave the rat infested sinking ship that is Anglicanism and salvage the treasures of their patrimony by coming into the Ordinariate.

If you are an Anglican reading this and you believe the historic faith, how much more will you put up with in your church? What else will it take to make you finally decide to follow your heart and join us in the Catholic faith?

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