Catholic Quartet

Catholic Quartet August 1, 2011

Speaking of Catholic and Protestant musical traditions, does anybody out there share my appreciation for the old time gospel quartets? I used to love that stuff. I think it came down from the Barbershop Quartet tradition, then got all mixed up with soul and gospel and country music. They always had this tenor who would show off singing the high notes like some kind of crazy woman on pep pills. Then they would shift over to the bass who would go way down deep and sing the notes that were so low they sounded like a tiger purring.

I think we need a good Catholic Gospel Quartet to help evangelize. It could be called The Evangelists-Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. They’d go around the country singing in churches and sharing the gospel and perhaps have a traveling display of relics or some such. They’d do quartet arrangements of Hail Holy Queen and Faith of Our Fathers and Holy God we Praise Thy Name and all that old Catholic stuff. Of course they’d have to have matching suits and short hair cuts with pompadours and a smiling honky tonk piano player with big hair…

I think it could be a genuine hit.

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