How a Bob Jones Grad Came to Love the Rosary

How a Bob Jones Grad Came to Love the Rosary May 3, 2012

Being brought up in a fundamentalist home,  our family were not exactly “anti-Catholic” but we assumed that Catholics needed to “get saved”.

Certainly I had never seen a set of rosary beads, and didn’t know what they were for. I had never been into a Catholic church, but was told by my pastors that “Catholics prayed to Mary” and that had to be wrong because you were only supposed to worship one God and how could Mary be God? She was just an ordinary woman. We were therefore suspicious of anything to do with Mary.

She didn’t even make it on to our Christmas cards. We sent each other cards with photographs of open Bibles and poinsettias.

It wasn’t until I was an Anglican priest, living in England, many years later that someone from the parish returned from a pilgrimage to Walsingham and gave me a rosary. “Here, Dwight. Try these. It might help.” That’s when it all started. Read more.

UPDATE: Check out my book: Praying the Rosary for Inner Healing. Go here for archived apologetics articles on the Blessed Virgin Mary.


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