The Eternal Mass

The Eternal Mass June 18, 2012

Am I getting older or is the news getting worse? All around the world seems to be disintegrating. What was considered immorality by everyone is now championed as good and progressive. The Christian church in America — Catholics included–seem to be swept along by the crass materialism, commercial mentality and all the complacency and desires of the world. The political and economic scene seems corrupt and rotten to the core. I feel like we are all on the Titanic in those hours when everyone was in denial and continued to imagine that all was well. The ways of the world all seem ephemeral, inane and absurd.

In the midst of the chaos, on a beautiful summer morning it was my joy to say Mass. That’s all.

Only ten people were there, but we connected with something older and greater and more permanent than all the shifting sands of this temporal order. Read more.


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