Are All Other Religions Wrong?

Are All Other Religions Wrong? August 4, 2012

Someone in the combox asked why I believed that my religion was “the correct one.” There may be an implication here that Catholics not only believe their religion is right, but that all others are wrong. I’m sure there are plenty of Protestant Christians who see it that way, and a good number of Catholics would also sign up to that viewpoint, but that it not what Catholics believe.

It’s not that “we’re all right and they’re all wrong”, instead we see God’s truth, beauty and goodness in many different religions. It’s like this: Catholics believe that God reveals himself to humanity in two ways: 1. General revelation and 2. Specific revelation. General revelation is what any human being can perceive through observation of the world around him. So any human may see the wonders of nature and feel a sense of awe and conclude that there is some other power bigger than he is who he can’t see, but who makes all things and directs all things. This general revelation comes to humans in many forms and in many ways. The human response is expressed in a wide variety of ways. Read more.

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