Ed Blanch the Internet Atheist

Ed Blanch the Internet Atheist December 28, 2012


Guest blogger Ed Blanch comments regularly on various religious websites and he blogs at There’s No Sky Fairy where he regularly receives 273 visits a month. Ed is taking a break from his studies at North Jersey College of Technology. Domiciled in his mom’s basement, Ed is busy developing an exciting new video game concept.

He doesn’t have time to write a guest post, but we’ve been lucky enough to have Ed visit the combox where he displays the amazing stuff he learned in his comparative religion class and from the internet. Here’s the latest from Ed.…

Actually no, the apostles wrote about jesus 40 years after his supposed death. And with the evidence there is 3 different time periods jesus could have existed in. Also these apostles got the myth from another guy who wrote about jesus and this all taking place in a mythical realm.

And which eyewitness actually wrote down for posterity the record of this event? I cannot name a single Jewish scribe or Roman diarist or historian who made note of this event at the time. Since it wasn’t recorded, how is it a “hard historical fact”? This is much like the fact that no one at the time noted a guy walking on water, performing all manner of miracles, raising the dead and coming back to life after death himself. Odd that a guy able to do all manner of amazing things went unnoticed by anyone able to write.

And what about the date for “Christmyth” It’s the winter solstice, and it’s widespread celebration, is the one fact in all of it. Everything else is suppositition. As the earliest gospels in existence were copied three hundred years after the crucifiction, there was plenty of time to change dates and remove any inconsistencies.

Jesus COULD have been born in late december, or his date of birth could have been assigned to that date to match the many pagan celebrations. There is no way of knowing. It would be perfectly simple to make John the baptist’s details in the gospels match with a december date for Jesus. There is no way of telling if John’s dates were put in earlier or later.

That’s the problem with evidence that is three hundred years out of date.

So, you are correct, Mr. Longenecker, to note that atheists demand evidence, or at the least, an eyewitness account corroborated by other witnesses. Unfortunately, all that is lacking and all we have are third hand accounts written in Greek, not even in the native Aramaic or the Latin of the ruling class, and it was all written down three hundred years out of date.

In reality, I think you have confused evidence with hear-say. Jesus possibly never existed since his miracles exist in only one book written at least 40 years after his “death”. Another thing is there are about 20 other egyptian gods I can think of right off the top of my head that resemble jesus christ before jesus. So Uhm yeah, seems mythical to me.

And since I know you’re the only one that will read this comment Mr Longenecker, may I just take a moment to say that your arguments are of poor quality, and you are not as smart as you think. You are a coward, and an arrogant fool.


PS: I used to write the Ed Blanch posts, to show how laughably ignorant, rude and arrogant most internet atheists are. But I’ve stopped. don’t need to write the Ed Blanch posts.  Instead I just lift stuff that real atheists drop into my combox. This is an amalgamation of four genuine comments. Enjoy!

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