Greedy Child Killers Excommunicated by Pope

Greedy Child Killers Excommunicated by Pope June 21, 2014

Kathy Schiffer jumps me to the gun in this post.

I was just about to observe that Pope Francis’ harsh words about the mafia killers in Calabria might just as well be applied to the money grubbing abortionists and the politicians who back them up in our country but Kathy went there already in her post.

In his homily, the Pope spoke about the evils that can occur when adoration of God is replaced by adoration of money.

“Your land, which so beautiful, knows the signs of the consequences of this sin,” he told those assembled. “This evil must be fought, must be expelled.” He called on the local Church to expend itself even more “so that good can prevail”.

“Our children ask this of us,” he added.

He said those who take the road of violence and love of money are excommunicated.

Kathy asks,

Pope Francis has been an influencer for change, by his actions prompting bishops to reevaluate their own ministries–embracing a poorer church, for example.

So I am curious:  Will this direct statement, issued during the Mass, prompt American bishops to speak openly about those in our own country who, by their political actions, have demonstrated that they “are not in communion with God”?

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