If You Summon Satan…

If You Summon Satan… June 19, 2014

…don’t be surprised when he turns up.

In C.S.Lewis’ final Narnia story The Last Battle  the evil Rishda Tarkaan summons his demonic god Tash. The problem is–Tash turns up to devour him.

So it is in our increasingly godless society. In many ways people summon Satan. Then they are surprised when he turns up.

This article recounts the gruesome, straight from hell behaviors of a heavy metal rock band called Watain. It is said they threw pig’s blood all over their audience from a cup made from a goat’s skull.

Whether it is true or not–whether it was ketchup or colored water and the “goat’s skull” was a stage prop is beside the point.

We have devil worship presented as entertainment.

Why people think this sort of thing is harmless is beyond me. If it looks like devil worship. If it says it is devil worship. If it sounds like devil worship…Then guess what?

It’s devil worship.

Of course some balance is needed. Not all rock and roll music is demonic and neither are all fantasy video games or horror movies.

Discernment, common sense and a sense of humor are needed.

What is also needed are warnings agains every possibility of opening the door to Satan. Those who work in the deliverance ministry agree that in virtually every case of demon troubles the person has, in some way, opened the door to the dark side.

The door might be heavy metal, demonic rock and roll music. It might be an obsession with violent horror movies or dark role playing fantasy games. It might be through New Age practices, fortune telling and the occult. It might be through continued addiction to porn, dark sexuality, perversion or it might simply be through pride, rebellion against God and substance abuse.

Whatever the open door, Satan is ready to accept the invitation.

We’re called to be sober, alert and vigilant because our adversary, like a roaring lion stalks about seeking whom he may devour. (1Peter 5:8)

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