Are the German Bishops Too Anglican?

Are the German Bishops Too Anglican? May 19, 2015


German Cardinal Reinhard Marx
German Cardinal Reinhard Marx

My latest article for National Catholic Register draws uncomfortable parallels between the comfy church-state relationship in England and that of the Catholic Church in Germany.

I’ll admit straight up that I am not an expert on the Catholic Church in Germany. I know Cardinal Walter Kasper and a good number of the German bishops are in favor of a more permissive approach to marriage discipline. I realize they have voted to change labor laws to approve of married same-sex couples.

I also know Germany has a famous “church tax” through which the Church is funded directly by the state. I realize many German Catholics are progressive in their attitudes toward Church discipline, family issues, liturgical questions and the Church’s relationship to the surrounding culture. I understand many are worried about the increasing submission of the German Catholic Church to the forces of secularization.

What I know about the Catholic Church in Germany makes me wonder: The parallels to the Church of England seem uncomfortably close.

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