Modernism is Madness

Modernism is Madness May 12, 2015

Groovy Priests
Groovy Priests

You know the definition of insanity – when you repeat the same action over and over but expect different results.

A good example of this is left wing economics. Every experiment in socialism and communism has been a social, economic, human and political disaster of gigantic proportions. Nevertheless, left wingers continue to believe that what is needed is not to get rid of socialism forever, but to have MORE socialism.

Another example is universal sex education. The sex educators think that teen pregnancy, STDs and abortion will be reduced if only more young people were educated about contraceptive techniques, safe sex techniques and varied sexual practices. Of course when this happens there are more young people having sex so there are more STDs, teen pregnancies and abortions. The sex educators look at the results, scratch their heads and say, “I guess we need MORE sex education at a younger age.” So they start telling first graders about X rated stuff.

This is like putting orange juice in the tank of your car, and then when it doesn’t run you say, “Hey, I guess we didn’t put enough orange juice in the car!” So you open the back window and pour a couple of gallons in the back seat.

The same idiocy applies to modernism in the church. Continue Reading

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