Monsters and Monks in Star Wars

Monsters and Monks in Star Wars December 22, 2015

lukeOne of the riveting themes within the Star Wars saga is the existence of monasticism.

The Jedi Knights are also monks. Connecting with the warrior monks of Eastern religions, they also connect with the religious orders of knights in medieval Christendom.

The Jedi clearly  remind of the spiritual truths of the New Testament where St Paul says “We wrestle not agents flesh and blood, but against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Throughout the Star Wars saga it is made clear that beneath all the swordplay and swooping starships a spiritual struggle is taking place. The “dark side” and the “light side” of the force are in conflict.

The chemistry of movies means that as the heroes are swept up into the spiritual battle we participate with them. We come out of the film showing realizing at the depth of our imagination that there is such a thing as good and evil and that a battle is taking place between them and that we must decide on which side we will fight.

I realize, from a Christian point of view that the theology is dodgy. The Star Wars theology is dualistic and pantheistic. “The Force” is an impersonal power in the universe which can be positive or negative. The monks are for the good. The monsters for the bad . Continue Reading


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