Ten Reasons Why I’m For Betsy DeVos

Ten Reasons Why I’m For Betsy DeVos February 7, 2017


I still don’t like Donald Trump, but if Betsy DeVos is for school vouchers I’m for Betsy DeVos.

Here are ten reasons why school vouchers are a good idea.

  1. They Give Parents Choice – It is interesting how, when it comes to aborting unborn children liberals are all for parental choice, but when it comes to actually educating their children they’re suddenly not so keen on choice. You can choose to kill your child, but you can’t choose what school they go to
  2. Vouchers Improve Schools – Those of us who are involved in private education realize that competition isn’t a bad thing. We compete with other schools for students, so we make sure our school is the very best it can be. State monopoly of education encourages complacency.
  3. School Vouchers are Fair – A big chunk of the taxpayer’s dollar goes towards education, but parents can’t choose how their tax dollar is spent? It is fair that tax money is spent on the local level the way taxpayers decide.
  4. Vouchers Will Help All Families It is often charged that only privileged families will benefit from school vouchers. “If they have enough money for private education, why should they get government help?” We have a parochial school in a part of  town with a large number of underprivileged African American families. I would love to welcome more of our local kids to our school, but it costs too much. Vouchers would help those families access our educational opportunities
  5. Vouchers Help Kids With Special Needs – Our school has an inclusion program for kids with special needs. It also has a program for kids with learning difficulties. Vouchers would help us welcome kids with these needs who also come from families with low incomes. Our smaller classes and specialized learning is just what some kids need, but their parents can’t afford. Continue Reading

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