Meghan Markle and the Ten Commandments

Meghan Markle and the Ten Commandments March 5, 2019

There was some gossip last week that the latest member of the royal family–American TV personality Meghan Markle said the baby she and Prince Harry are expecting will be raised “gender fluid. The palace PR machine went on to deny the story utterly, simply saying it was false.

It does open the question to the whole LBGTQ debate, and it occurred to me the other day that the alternative marriage movement, by its very nature, breaks the ten commandments.

Which commandment?

The fourth: “Honor Your Father and your Mother.”

Usually we think this means no more than remembering a bunch of flowers for Mum on Mother’s Day and take Dad out for a nice meal on Father’s Day.

But of course, the Ten Commandments always have more locked into them than first meets the eye.

The commandment to honor our Father and Mother is, at its depth, a commandment to honor the whole concept of Mothers and Fathers. It is a commandment to honor and respect and build up and preserve the family: One man. One woman.  For one another. For children.  For life.

This thing called marriage was built into humanity from the very beginning. From the beginning God created us in his image: male and female. The first commandment was “be fruitful and multiply”…and this was not in reference to math class.

Alternative sexuality, alternative gender choices and alternative marriage breaks the concept of marriage that has been part of the human race since time began.

It dishonors our Mothers and Fathers by breaking the whole idea of mothers and fathers and families.

Furthermore, it breaks the whole idea of gender completely for what is a man? What is a woman?  You cannot define “man” and “woman” except by saying a man is a Father or a potential Father. A woman is a Mother or a potential Mother. Therefore by honoring our Father and Mother we are also honoring what it means to be a human being.

Does it matter? I think it does because a stable society is built on stable families and stable families are built on stable marriages. When the whole thing is turned upside down and everybody makes up their own idea of marriage and people decide to make babies in test tubes and with turkey basters and potions, pills and gadgets– chaos results.

So buckle your seat belts. We’re in for a bumpy ride.

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