The Future Church

The Future Church May 8, 2019

John Allen Jr. is one of the most experienced, objective and knowledgable journalists on the Vatican scene today. For decades he has been covering the Catholic Church news worldwide and is an invaluable source for news, reflection and comment.

Ten years ago John published an important book The Future Church in which he charted ten trends that would change the Catholic Church in the 21st century.

We’re now ten years into his future and I’m producing a podcast that discusses his book chapter by chapter. What predictions did Allen make which have already come true? Which trends have petered out and look to be non starters and which ones are yet to come?

The introduction and first episode are already available. Each week an abridged version will be published at BreadBox Media and on all free podcast channels while the full length discussion will be available on my main blog. Go here to learn more.

If you want to listen to the Introduction at BreadBox go here. This page is also where the free, abridged episodes will be posted.

Why did I decide to produce this podcast? Because last year I produced the twenty three part podcast series on church history. Triumphs and Tragedies  covers roughly one century per episode. I produced that series so that more Catholics could understand where we have come from so they might understand where the church is today.

John Allen’s Future Church  is the follow up from that. If we have seen where we have come from and where we are today, this helps us see where we are going in the future.

I think this podcast is really important to help people get a perspective on church affairs today and I encourage you to listen to Triumphs and Tragediesbut also to tune in and listen to my podcast on John Allen’s Future Church

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