The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful

The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful July 31, 2019

Joseph Pearce has a great article on the erosion of Truth, Beauty and Goodness over at Imaginative Conservative.

He winds up with a beautiful quote from Pope Benedict XVI

The only really effective apologia for Christianity comes down to two arguments, namely the saints the Church has produced and the art which has grown in her womb. Better witness is borne to the Lord by the splendor of holiness and art which have arisen in the community of believers than by clever excuses which apologetics has come up with to justify the dark sides which, sadly, are so frequent in the Church’s human history. If the Church is to continue to transform and humanize the world, how can she dispense with beauty in her liturgies, that beauty which is so closely linked with love and with the radiance of the Resurrection? No. Christians must not be too easily satisfied. They must make their Church into a place where beauty—and hence truth—is at home. Without this the world will become the first circle of hell.

Go here to read the whole thing.

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