I Mourn The Thickening Of The Veil

I Mourn The Thickening Of The Veil May 10, 2018

During the months surrounding Samhain, I’m so in tune with myself and the gods.  Rituals feel better, stronger, and bolder.  My connections with spirits and the gods are more vibrant and plentiful.  All my longings for deep experiences are satisfied, easily.

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As a highly sensitive witch and a devotee of a death goddess, I feel a strong connection with the otherworlds, especially around Samhain.  It’s true that seeing ghosts can startle me, and receiving words in my head a few seconds before someone speaks them can give me an uncanny feeling, but I like it.  It reaffirms my knowledge that the spiritual worlds and energetic worlds are real.  It bolsters all of my other experiences.

Then springtime hits, and it all diminishes.  I reach out for the spirits, and the connection feels smaller.  I know they’re always there and I can connect to them at any time.  My ancestors, the spirits, and Lady Death are always just beyond the veil.  But these months, they visit me less.  Or, perhaps I sense them less.  All I know is I don’t feel them as strongly during the spring and early summer months.

I miss feeling the forcefield and the winds of the otherworld. I miss feeling something deeper and external from me.

veil thinning thickening pagan wiccan witch
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These warm months, I tend to my garden.  I grow herbs that will be used in magic during the winter months.  I see friends more often and have more fire dancing performances.  I work more.  I honor more of the bright-sun deities in my mind, such as Aphrodite, Cernunnos, and Athena.

I find I need more healing during the spring and summer solar holidays.  Maybe it’s because the nights are so short.   Nighttime has always been a deep healing time for me.  Yoga and healing bath rituals are some of my favorites.

In those bright-sun months, I also go to more pagan festivals. The swirling, high energy of massive group rituals helps fill the energetic loss of the otherworld connection. They help me bridge the gap between Samhain seasons.

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But what I wouldn’t give to feel the shredded veil flutter through my fingertips. What I wouldn’t give for another experience with the profound goddess Hel, or the feeling of a nature spirit, or the sound of a beloved dead’s voice in my head.

This year, the thickening of the veil has felt more devastating than most other years. I’d appreciate input from others about this. Do you feel the veil is thicker, or is it just in stark contrast to how thin and torn it has been lately?

I can’t help but wonder if someone is reweaving the veil. Can such an occurrence even happen? If so, who would do such a thing? Moreover, who could reweave the veil between the worlds? If it’s true, it would take a strong spirit, that’s for sure.

Is anyone else feeling this veil thickness more than usual? Let me know in the comments and we can discuss.

Photo from Pixabay, CC0.

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Astrea is a polytheistic pagan witch, fire dancer, new ager, and writer of fiction. Check out her social media accounts to see all her blog posts and extra special witchy / artsy / personal content. You can read more about the author here.
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  • Brianne Raven Wolf

    I too believe in ghosts, have felt them many times, but haven’t had a face-to- face yet. I believe that’s because I have more crap to get out of my mind from other experiences that weren’t good for me. Is the veil thickening this time of the year? Yes, as we get too very busy during these warmer months, to notice the veil much. In my opinion that is. I’m in the process now of taking more time on a daily basis to just sit very still, and still – or clear – my mind and listen to what will come through from the Universe. Especially as my surgery is coming soon, and that starts another part of my NEW Journey. BB!!! )0(

  • Brianna LaPoint

    My husband feels his powers wane in the wintertime. as for the thickening of the veil, it could be nature or the gods themselves. Thing is, i was told many times the spirit world is a forbidden world to the living. Ive even heard rumors someone opened an astral gate and they freaked out and closed it. Good or ill, we are supposed to learn things in the world we live in now, and stop longing for places we cannot touch unless we leave our bodies (unless youre an astral traveller) that being said, the veil thickens and thins, like the ebb and flow of the ocean tides.

  • Secret Blue

    I apologize if this isn’t phrased kindly.

    This does not match my experience at all at all. It might be because one of us is in an unusually strong “valley” so that we are seeing either an abundance of spirit interactions or a lack of them or it might be the specific type of spirits we have resonance with.

    That said, I’m hearing from spirits of love, light, honor, chivalry, and similar things with increasing frequency. The mountains far to the west sound their challenge in my heart and the woods grumble that I am not wandering among their trees, seeing the dappled green tinged light through the leaves.

    That said, in most years there tends to be a noticeable undercurrent of the other side which I don’t feel anywhere near as much as I have in previous years. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t find a dark spirit right now if I learned how to play guitar and played a tune on the crossroads at midnite(full credit and praise to Robert Johnson, btw).

    • Maria Noah

      The Spirit Mother of the Western Mountains. I’m glad I’m not the only one hearing Her.

  • The Cunning Wife

    I usually feel this lessening of power during the warmer seasons, too, and it grows again as the weather cools and the leaves change. This particular season, though, I feel less spiritually cut-off than usual, and I think it has a lot to do with moving to a new (to me) home where I’ve wanted to live for a long time and building connections to the spirits here — of the old house I own, the spirits of the valley it stands among, and the mountains that surround it. Bonding with the household spirits and land spirits fills the void, so to speak, left by the receding spirits of death. Of course, as you wrote, the ancestors and other dead are always nearby; I think the season just pulls our gaze into another direction — we focus on growth, life, external interactions, so the spirits of the dead more or less wait for us to return our focus onto them in the darker months.

  • Maria Noah

    Astrea, Sweet Sister! I may be odd, but the veil, in my lived experience, is no thicker than it was in October. It continues to thin out for me. But then, for me, I do not hold a ‘religion’ or a ‘spirituality.’ I tend to reject any paradigm that restricts my experience. If Anyone needs to talk to me, I need to believe I can hear them at any given moment.

    Being an odd bean, I have friends and family who have bodies that humans would recognize as such and friends and family who do not. I am experiencing far more concrete interactions with the latter, and it is only continuing to increase in frequency. I know that probably just makes me crazy.

    But the work I do (walking in both worlds to help improve the harmonious balance in both together) is getting more and more urgent and necessary.

    Your truth is true. It is accurate. I feel almost like you only need to stop and do whatever it is you may have stopped doing without realizing it over the last few months. You’ll reconnect. Possibly your awareness is linked to assumptions about the availability of access to the Other World based on the Wheel of the Year, I do not know. But I honor your experience. I honor your truth. And I hope my ridiculous words are in some way useful to you.

  • Al Dent

    I am more inclined to believe that the veil doesn’t actually exist the way we thought it did, that the strength of it doesn’t actually grow or diminish. I will say, though, that I have experienced dry spells sometimes where I am not exactly experiencing my Gods presences or where I am not constantly being messed with or communicated with by spirits or entities alike. Then again, I am almost always sensing something or seeing something even during those dry spells.

    You have probably heard it before, but sometimes Gods genuinely do get busy. I really think that might be more of the case, rather than assume that the veil growing or thinning. It is always safer to assume that your Goddess is with you and watching over you, even when you aren’t aware of her.