Feel The Change You Wish To See In The World

Feel The Change You Wish To See In The World September 28, 2020

There’s a powerful concept in the witching world that’s not often spoken about–the magic of feeling the change in energy whenever we release our intentions into the world.

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When we work magic, we’re adding our energy to the energy of the world.  Our magic reacts with that worldly energy.  Sometimes, it’s a fast reaction.  Other times, it’s a slow burn that builds and requires heating up before it can react.

In my years of magical work, I’ve learned to wait for the feeling of the energetic reaction to complete before I stopped working my will into the world.

Knowing this is implied in magical workings, but it’s usually not discussed.  But everything is energy, including us, and we’re different people when we are at different energy levels.*

Of course, you don’t have to be sensitive to have your magic succeed, especially if you have a tried and true method or tradition.  However, for me, magical sensitivity is an important asset in my work.

Know Your Own Energy

Knowing how I feel internally is key to beginning this process.  This is where I come face to face with my shadows and what lies behind my intentions.  I feel the energy within me like a frequency.  It’s the starting point.

Know The Energy Of Your Intentions

I feel the energy of my intention as well, like a kiss on the wind or a hint of magical success.   The energy I desire is different from the one I start with–there’s a shift between the two that informs me how great my magic has to be in order to reach the energy of my intentions.  The greater the gap, the more energy I must raise.

Know The Energies Of The World

After energy is raised, it will need to be sent out into the world with the intention.  I’ve found it’s best to feel the energy of the world and fine-tune the energy of my intention to make it fit in best with the world.  In other words, I’m creating magic that’s at harmony with the world’s energies.

Although the world contains a multitude of energies, not all of them are in my wheelhouse or my reach all the time.  So, I use the ones that feel most accessible, like clear, easy paths as opposed to blocked roads.

Work The Magic And Feel The Change

To recap, I begin with feeling my energy, I raise my energy to match the energy of my intention, I feel the energy of the world, I fine tune my magic, and then, I begin to release it.  This is the tricky part.

I do the magical work (raising energy and transmitting my intention) until I feel a change in those energies, or until my energy reacts favorably with the energy of the world.  This sometimes feel like something has clicked into place, or like the intention has been received and accepted.  Conformation could come in the form of spirits, whispering on the wind, or the earth’s energy responding in a shift.

Sometimes, I feel the reaction or energetic change inside of myself, especially for magic dealing with self-improvement, shadow work, or healing.  Other times, I feel it occur externally, as in the case of worldly manifestations or external workings.

Listen for the change.  Feel for it that conformation while continuing to build and send the energy out into the world.  When you feel the change, you’re done.

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Feeling the change is not a guarantee that your magic will be successful—there are always other forces at play—but I feel it does ensure more success in general.

I’ve come to view energy work as the big magic, and correspondences and other items (tools, crystals, herbs, spices, colors, etc.) as catalysts to help the energetic reaction occur, with energy to help you refine your vibe.

Another point is that this title is, of course, a modification of Ghandi’s quote, “be the change you wish to see in the world.”  I believe being is important, but only if it’s accompanied by feeling, a whole-body, mind, and aura feeling.

I bring this up because being has often been connected with the mind (I think, therefore I am, says the brain).  And we can all get a little too much in our heads from time to time.  But the mind is not the entirety of what we are.  I view feeling as a deeply rooted kind of being, a more saturated or intense being.

I hope this helps your magical workings, and that you feel the change you wish to see in the world.

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* I discovered that we’re different at different energy levels by walking in hot coals in two very different mindsets—read the whole story in Intuitive Witchcraft.

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