Feeling Stuck? Just Do Something Magical

Feeling Stuck? Just Do Something Magical August 13, 2020

Whenever I feel stuck or low, the best remedy for me is to do something.  Anything works, really, but it’s better if it has magical aspects to it as well.  Here are my top 12 tips on how to shift your stuck energy.

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Times are tough.  Social distancing can make us feel lonely.  Fear and uncertainty about the future can make us feel irritated and worried.  The world can seem incredibly crazy lately–and all of those feelings are on top of our usual stresses.

When we feel stuck or experience low feelings like these, it’s so crucial to rest and do shadow work.  After that though, it’s so important to rise above that energy level to get to a place where we can actually feel better.  In other words, it’s time to roll off the couch and actually do some magic/energy work.

I realize that some of these won’t work for everyone, especially people who have chronic illnesses or other conditions.  However, I hope you can find something to do–in my experience, anything, no matter how small, helps.

Take a Walk

My favorite thing to do when I feel awful is take a walk.  You may think this is all about physical movement, but walking energizes our minds, emotions, and spirits in so many ways.  The extra air energy of a walk can help you make the changes you need in your life.  You could even try an intuitive witch walk, where you let your intuition lead you and read the landscape for signs.

Make A Magical Gift For Someone

Share something kind, and you uplift two people.  Even better is a magical trade.  You can try this with your friends, or you could even exchange gifts with a witchy stranger.

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Get Your Magical Regular Practice Going Again

When my magical practice was irregular, I encountered more problems in my life.  Sadly, t took a while for me to realize it.  During that time, I remember feeling confused and not connected at all.  With a little planning, I was able to jump start my regular practice again.

Bake or Cook

Get your kitchen witch on!  Making food will nourish you and anyone else you share it with.  Even doing something simple like making pudding can give you a huge feeling of accomplishment.

Focus on putting love and nourishment into the food so that when you eat it, you gain extra energy.

Work With Plants or the Earth

Plants have magical energy–even dandelions and grass have magical correspondences.  Simply being around the plants can raise your vibration.  Working with the earth can also help you ground and get rid of your stuck, negative energy.

Be an Activist for Good

Sign petitions, donate to charities, and send your magic to help the cause.  When you’re frustrated by the system, make changes any way you can.  They may seem small to you, but if enough people do them, they can really add up.

Intuitive Witchcraft

Use your intuition and whatever you have on hand to create magic.  This intuitive witchcraft spell sheet can help you fill in the blanks and make your magic effective.  Even a little spell or a light ritual can help you feel way better.

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Contact a Friend

If you’re feeling lonely, it’s tempting to stay isolated, but often times, that’s not what’s best.  Reach out to a friend and talk about your emotions.  Talking is a release, and it’s of the best ways to move negative energy out and lift your spirits.  Knowing you’re not alone is so powerful.

Read a Book

There’s so much magic in reading.  It transforms energy and can inspire your mind to new heights.  It can also give you objectivity over your current perceptions.

Take a Magical Bath

Baths are water magic.  They’re so helpful to shift blocked emotions.  Use the bath water to release negative energy or charge yourself with an intention.

Cut Cords

You may need to energetically cleanse yourself and cut some cords to get clarity, especially if you’re empathic.  If it has been a while, a good cleansing may be just what you need.

Seize The Moment

Tough times make tougher witches, but we only get tougher if we seize the moment and do something magical.  You are not stuck.  You have the power to shift your energy to be closer to your desired vibration.

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