The Truth Speaks Sigil

The Truth Speaks Sigil June 30, 2020

We live in a time of rampant misinformation – much of it with an agenda besides what it claims to preach. It seeks to obscure and obliterate the truth to suit its own needs. A little bit of wrong information or propaganda may seem harmless, but when countless lives are at stake, it’s something we should all be working to correct. We need to clear the way for truth to speak – and allow it to be heard.

It’s with this goal in mind that in my June 27th Sigil Witchery workshop, we crafted the Truth Speaks Sigil. This sigil joins the collective of other sigils created over the last few months that focus on needs and issues caused by the pandemic, including the Growth for a New Tomorrow Sigil and Clarity for the Next Step Sigil. Every sigil is co-created in the workshop collectively, then cleaned up for digital distribution after the workshop.

Workshop Whiteboard

Built Into This Sigil:
– Revelation of Truth
– Clarity/Clear Signal
– Movement of Information in the Correct Direction
– Healing/Health-Focused
– Foster Critical Thinking/Discernment
– Encourage Positive Action (things that help, not hurt)

– Community Mindful – being more conscious that we’re all interconnected, to look out for everyone not just the self
– Increase Compassion & Empathy

Design Notes:
As we finished up the design, the last element we added were the snakes. We were first discussing having one or two wrap the main upward arrow, much like Asklepios’ staff or the modern caduceus (representing health), but we found having them support the base of the shape felt more effective visually and energetically.  Serpents have a long history of being associated with revelation.  The priestesses at the Oracle of Delphi were called the Pythia (from Python) – and in many cultures snakes are seen as messengers.  They shed their skins, renewing and revealing a new self.

The Truth Speaks Sigil – high resolution

How to Use This Sigil:
You are welcome to use this sigil however you see fit that is in alignment with the intent of the sigil.
Ideas for use:

– carve/place on a candle to help foster truth, direct the energy to community, local government, media
– use in protests to amplify the message
– use in scrying and divination to uncover what’s blocking truth
– use as a ward

Please note: When sharing this sigil (or any other sigil you find on this blog), please be sure to include the link to the blog post.  The sigil works best if people understand precisely what went into it, versus just sharing the image and telling people to use it.

Creative Commons License
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To find out more about this method of crafting sigils, checking out Sigil Witchery.

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