NEW SERIES: “Catholicity: Identity and Its Discontents”

NEW SERIES: “Catholicity: Identity and Its Discontents” August 16, 2016

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What is Catholicism?” is one question.

Who is a Catholic?” is a very different question; it is the question.

Between today and August 29 (edited: we’ve extended the series, to make room for more!), the Patheos Catholic Channel will explore this question and disclose personal replies to it.

I will post links here and provide a final wrap up post when the series is finished. I invite you–Catholic or not–to read, share, comment, and most of all to ponder the question with us.

Links here:

Michael Pezzulo, at Steel Magnificat, starts things off with “Is This The Public Face We Want For Catholicism?

Henry Karlson, at A Little Bit of Nothing, continues with “Our Identity Should Be Established By What We Have To Give To Others.”

Chase Padusniak weighs in at Jappers and Janglers in “When Your Enemies Are Christians.”

Mary Pezzulo, Michael’s better half at Steel Magnificat, writes “Against the Normalcy of Catholic Culture.”

Justine Tse intones “Most Holy Theotokos, Save Us” at Eastern Catholic Person.

Rebecca Bratten Weiss adds her voice in “catholic and feminist: identity, action, and faith” at Suspended in Her Jar.

At The Divine Wedgie, Matthew Tan writes “On Being Migrant and Catholic.”

Cynthia Dagnol-Myron enters with “You Call Yourself a Catholic?,” at Confessions.

At Sick Pilgrim, Matt Lefleur offers “Being Catholic, Being Cajun: Catholic Identity and its Discontents.”

Newcomer, Matthew Tyson, bring his perspective in “Yes, You Can Be Catholic and Vote Democrat,” at The Mackerel Snapper.

Keith Little, The Cordial Catholic, announces, “I Used to Be a Christian.”

Kevin M. Johnson meditates on “Seeking Identity” in The Inner Room.

Lisa Duffy joins in at A Million Unheard Souls with  “Who Are Catholics? We’re A Motley Crew Of Sinners, Don’t Ya Know?


A number of writers have added sequels to their original contributions, here they are:

Rebecca Bratten Weiss, “being catholic and jewish (or jewish and catholic?),” Suspended in Her Jar.

Mary and Michael Pezzulo, “The Disordered Culture of Catholic Opositionalism” and “What It’s Like to be Chronically Ill and Catholic,” Steel Magnificat.

Justin Tse, “‘He loved you, and he prayed for you’: I’m not Ukrainian, but my bishops are Ukrainian Catholic,” Eastern Catholic Person.


Sam Rocha

Editor, Patheos Catholic Channel

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