Hate preacher plans to reform UK’s LGBT-friendly National Trust

Hate preacher plans to reform UK’s LGBT-friendly National Trust October 13, 2021

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THE National Trust, established in 1895 as a heritage conservation charity, is “obsessed with LGBT issues” says anti-vaxxer Stephen “Birdshit” Green, above, head of an outfit called Christian Voice UK which really is obsessed with LGBT issues.

The lunatic, known for mincing around Pride events around the country while brandishing a Bible, now plans to infiltrate the NT to help:

Call the Trust back to its founding principles, to treat its members, donors, volunteers and tenants with respect and to end its promotion of fashionable ‘woke’ causes.

He will also seek to establish:

How much members’ money has been spent in recent years by the National Trust participating in gay pride parades such as it did in Birmingham in 2019.


I shall stop divisive marketing exercises and woke virtue- signalling.

How, pray, will he do that? According to The Guardian, he’s hoping to get elected to one of six vacant positions on the Trust’s governing council. He is being endorsed by group called Restore Trust, which carried a statement by Green in a “Your Candidates” section of this document.

The Guardian reports today that the NT has warned of the damage it faces from what it calls an ideological campaign waged against it by self-styled “anti-woke” insurgents, including some climate change deniers. It spoke out after members raised concerns about a range of “extreme” positions taken by Restore Trust members.

The group, which has been heavily promoted in the pages of the right-wing press after its foundation and has spoken of building up a “fighting fund” of tens of thousands of pounds, is also now using paid-for social media adverts to try to influence the election.

RT’s directors include a financier who has backed a leading climate-sceptic lobby group and currently chairs another.

Members of the charity have also expressed particular concern about RT’s endorsement of Stephen Green,  who has lobbied against the criminalisation of marital rape and defended overseas laws proposing the execution of some gay people.

Christian Voice has a series called “Brutal Britain”, which is ironic given that Green has been accused of being a vicious wife-beater, something he’s denied.

Green said he had no connection with Restore Trust but was grateful for their support. In a his statement to NT voters he referenced the backlash among some members against a film by the National Trust which revealed that Robert Wyndham Ketton-Cremer, who bequeathed Felbrigg Hall to the nation, was a closeted homosexual.

In soliciting votes, Green declared:

I am a long-standing member of the National Trust  … Even as I was filling in the Council election forms, the Trust asked not just my sex but my ‘gender identity’ and my sexual orientation!

The 2017 Felbrigg Hall affair, in which the Trust claimed the donor, the late Robert Ketton-Cremer, was homosexual, on no evidence, shows where this madness leads.

I shall ensure that future donors feel safe from the Trust poring over their past and inventing salacious details of an imagined private life.

I also seek your vote to end what I believe to be the anti-democratic, corrupt system whereby the Trust elite ‘recommends’ certain Council election candidates to ensure nobody is elected who will ever actually call them to account.

So if I am elected to the National Trust Council it will be nothing less than a miracle.

It’s not only gays that Green would like to see dead. At the end of an October 5 post, Green wrote:

Pray that Almighty God will vindicate and sustain those who in good conscience resist all the pressure and refuse the experimental Covid vaccines.

May he bring an end to the oppression of restrictions and consign the unjust lockdowns to the history books. May he grant repentance, humility and the fear of God to those in power.

Note: I have started a petition to have Green’s name removed from the ballot. Please sign it.

Hat tip: Ivan Bailey

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