Giveway: Win Aronofsky’s Movie ‘Noah’ Plus Umbrella to Keep You Dry

Giveway: Win Aronofsky’s Movie ‘Noah’ Plus Umbrella to Keep You Dry July 24, 2014

To celebrate the DVD/Blu-Release of Darren Aronofsky’s Biblical Epic Noah, we’re giving away two prize packs. In addition to a DVD/Blu-Ray combo, you’ll get:

  • Black Novelty NOAH Umbrella (lightning bolt print underside)
  • Soft brown leather NOAH journal
  • NOAH pen with wooden case

Leave a comment about the movie below to enter. One entry per household, please. We will select winners on August 1.

Read my review of the film. I quite liked it.

Check out my interview with Darren Aronofsky and co-writer Ari Handel.

Read my argument that people of faith should embrace the film.


UPDATE: Winners have been selected and are being notified. Thanks for entering!

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12 responses to “Giveway: Win Aronofsky’s Movie ‘Noah’ Plus Umbrella to Keep You Dry”

  1. Terrific film. If Christopher Robin had been around during Noah’s time, he could have made a boat out of this umbrella.

  2. This was a fantastic film! Darren Aronofsky has really matured as a filmmaker, has has crafted a movie that is fun for all audiences yet still has underlying themes to dig out.

  3. I missed this movie when in theaters but really wanted to see it. That is one very cool umbrella.

  4. Would love to catch this film. Didn’t see it as we don’t have a cinema near us

  5. i wonder if there was giants made of rock in noah’s time to protect the ark,because i always wondered how he stopped all those desperate people getting on the ark?

  6. Sorry but I found the film quite boring compared to his other films. It’s not a bad film, just nowhere near as good as Black Swan, The Wrestler or The Fountain imho.