Wicked, Wild + Weird Gifts For Witches

Wicked, Wild + Weird Gifts For Witches December 20, 2017

Lady Parts Justice League Blessed Be patch photo by Lilith Dorsey. All rights reserved.
Lady Parts Justice League Blessed Be patch photo by Lilith Dorsey. All rights reserved.

What to get for that wicked, wild or weird witch in your life. There are so many choices. No value judgments here , because one witch’s trash is another’s treasure. If you want my list of crappy Yule gifts for Pagans you hate you can find it here. Stay tuned next year where I’m likely to present a list of diy lousy gifts including how to make your own fake turd out of toilet paper to hide on Kramppusnacht. But for now here is my curated list of wicked, wild, and weird witch gifts for the holidays or for all year round.

  • Blessed Be with Middle Finger Patch – I love this patch created by the Lady Parts Justice League. I wish I had purchased a dozen of these treasures when I met the representatives of the league this month at a Brooklyn event. The patch shows one of the costumed maidens from The Handmaid’s Tale, gives a customary blessings and kind of a curse gesture all at the same time. As written in their literature the Lady Parts Justice League ” is a coven of hilarious bad*ss feminists who use humor and pop culture to expose the haters fighting against reproductive rights.” Please consider making a donation…. and Applause ladies, serious applause. ! Nolite te bastardes carborundorum !
  • Wicked Witch Potato Head – This is one of the stranger things that made the list (unlike the actual TV show Stranger Things Ouija board my niece is getting for Yule which didn’t make the list at all.) This wicked witch gift potato head has got a green nose and even a little broom. I don’t have the permission to show the picture on the blog, but you can look at it, and even get one here.
  • Slutist Tarot – If you haven’t seen this deck already I suggest you get a look. Described as “A mystical celebration of sex positivity that centers femmes, sexual deviants, divine whores and curious maidens. Conceived and illustrated by Morgan Claire Sirene with graphic design by Sonia Ortiz.” I had seen great reviews of this new creation, and am always on the lookout for new and exciting decks, so when I had the chance to see this in person I was excited. I was not disappointed with its brilliant colors and powerful messages, Slutist Tarot  is one of my favorite new decks out there this year ! My absolute favorite card is the Purple Prince (artist formerly known as obviously.) They also have sex witch patches, don’t forget to stock up !
  • Funny Cat T shirt photo on Etsy. All rights reserved.
    Funny Cat T shirt photo on Etsy. All rights reserved.

    Pussy Licks Itself in a Pentagram Shirt – Wow. Just wow. For the person who has everything, I bet they don’t have this. You can get this My Big Black Hairy Pussy Licks Itself in a pentagram from the eyeronicTs shop on Etsy.

If you want to find some other really great witch gifts please check out this year’s list by Jason Mankey in his post Pagan Things Made by Pagans for Pagans. Grateful to say I made the list again this year with my etsy shop DeStressed Dreams. There you can get a reading or find you’re own witch gifts. As always if you have enjoyed what you read here remember to like, comment and please share. Have a delightful Yule and Blessed Be !



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